By Juan Gabriel Tokatlian (for Safe Democracy)

Juan Tokatlian explains how the United States has increasingly practiced policies of unilateralism and aggression, ignored international protocols, and responsibilities, and set its own goals above those of the global community. Because the rest of the world cannot ignore Washington‘s international influence, the best response to the country’s increasingly belligerent foreign policy would be to involve Washington more in nation building, and to promote and defend international interests. Yet, while the US remains resolved to hold its course, the rest of the world need not sit by and allow itself to be intimidated. The battle against world problems such as poverty, the abuse of human rights, the destruction of the environment, the abuse of drugs, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, AIDS, and wide-spread corruption, can be fought without the United States. In the end, multilateral solutions can prevail over unilateral interests.

Juan Gabriel Tokatli