American Democracy Will Fail Its Midterms

Campaign 2006

By Ryan C. Napoli (for Safe Democracy)

Ryan Napoli challenges the importance of the upcoming midterm elections in the United States. Napoli contends that corporate and special interests have compromised American democracy and explains how the existence of a two-party party system and policies such as earmarking have removed the taxpayers’ voice in their government. In Napoli’s opinion, regardless of which party triumphs, the future of democracy in America will be at stake unless the people take the government back for themselves.


Problems Around…

Democracy in the Middle East Has Gone With the Wind

By George Emile Irani (for Safe Democracy)

George Emile Irani discusses how Condoleeza Rice‘s plan to stop blind support of stable regimes and democracy promotion in the Middle East has actually turned out. Because of continued insurgent attacks in Iraq, US disapproval of the recent Palestinian electoral outcomes and the lastest upheavals in Lebanon, Irani argues that democratic efforts in the Middle East by the US have indeed gone with the wind.


Argentina’s Eternal Peronism

The past can reveal disturbing truths regarding the present

By Pedro G. Cavallero (for Safe Democracy)

Pedro G. Cavallero explains how, half a century after his downfall, General Peron, and the political movement he created, remain deeply rooted in Argentinean society. Recent research into Peron‘s inner circle has greatly facilitated the study of Peronism’s misguided understanding of leadership, and its disregard for democratic institutions. In Cavallero‘s opinion, while Peronism remains engrained within every aspect of Argentinean life, the negative aspects of Peronist government continue to influence Argentinean politics under the leadership of Nestor Kirchner. The study of the past can reveal some very disturbing truths regarding the present.

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