Mission Impossible in Iraq

In the face of certain defeat, a push for more war

By Carlos Escud


Beyond Mere Divergences

Spain, Two Antiterrorist Policies

By Javier Ortiz (for Safe Democracy)

Javier Ortiz explains how the different antiterrorist policies of the two main political parties in Spain, the PP and the PSOE, diverge on more than simple tactical discrepancies, but are two fundamentally incompatible positions. For the PSOE, it is not ETA‘s separatist ideology, rather its tactics of extortion, violence and chaos that are unacceptable. The PP, on the other hand, considers Basque nationalism itself to be inherently exclusionary, intolerant, and prone to terrorism. In Ortiz‘ opinion, one of the parties needs to renounce its diehard convictions, or the peace agreement will fail.


Uprising Against the ‘War on Terror’

The danger to international security of US Foreign Policy

Posted by , 5th February 2007

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam writes on how with the growing conflict in Somalia, and the rising tension over Iran‘s nuclear program, it is the United States that has worsened the situation, taking violent, unjust, unilateral action with disastrous results. The War on Terror, Moghaddam writes, has been used as an excuse to perpetuate illegal intervention, international anarchy, and hegemonic control of the world. And while Iran is currently being portrayed as a danger to regional security, it is the US and Israel that present the real dangers. The rational majority must rise up against the dangerous ideology of US Foreign Policy in favour of coexistence and positive solutions to endemic problems.


How to Get Out of a Constitutional Jam

The European Union: from idleness to German action

By Miguel Angel Benedicto (for Safe Democracy)



David Petraeus: The New Guru of Washington

George W. Bush’s destiny in the hands of the US Military

By Rafael Moreno Izquierdo (for Safe Democracy)

Rafael Moreno analyzes Washington‘s change in Iraq strategy under the command of the new guru of guerilla warfare: David Petraeus. While other Generals have sought to destroy the rebels with force, Petraeus has as his objective the isolation of the insurgents by winning the hearts and minds of the local population. By providing security, employment, reconstruction, and democracy to the people, Petraeus has had some success in the Northern Provinces of Iraq, but in Moreno‘s opinion, the real test will be whether his model can be extended to the rest of the country, attaining security through force and power. Has Petraeus been given an impossible mission?

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Transatlantic Relations Improved?

As America’s Discontent with Bush Grows, Europeans Sigh with Relief

By Martin Varsavsky

Martin Varsavsky writes on the relief felt throughout Europe at the fall of President Bush‘s approval rating. During the peak of Bush‘s popularity, his anti-European, confrontational policy of you’re either with us or against us did a great amount of damage to USEuropean relations. In Varsavsky‘s opinion, although the democratization of Iraq has failed, now that US public opinion is beginning to understand the fallacy of Bush‘s close-minded approach, trans-Atlantic relations will be greatly improved.