George W. Bush’s destiny in the hands of the US Military

By Rafael Moreno Izquierdo (for Safe Democracy)

Rafael Moreno analyzes Washington‘s change in Iraq strategy under the command of the new guru of guerilla warfare: David Petraeus. While other Generals have sought to destroy the rebels with force, Petraeus has as his objective the isolation of the insurgents by winning the hearts and minds of the local population. By providing security, employment, reconstruction, and democracy to the people, Petraeus has had some success in the Northern Provinces of Iraq, but in Moreno‘s opinion, the real test will be whether his model can be extended to the rest of the country, attaining security through force and power. Has Petraeus been given an impossible mission?

Rafael Moreno Izquierdo is a professor in the Department of International and Public Law at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, as well as in the Department of Journalism at the Universidad Complutense. He is an expert in Peace Operations, Management of Conflicts, and Communication in Crisis Situations. He has published “The Spanish Military around the World” as well as numerous articles in journals such as Pol