Conclusions of the International Conference of Safe Democracy

By Pablo Mieres, rapporteur


“While the last few years have seen notable advances in the consolidation of democracy in Latin America, the vast majority of Latin American citizens have lost all faith in democratic governance and politics in general. This lack of democratic conviction, coupled with the constant menace of authoritarianism, and the resurgence of populist leaders presents serious risks to the stability of democracy in Latin America…”

The experts have called for a stronger State, stronger society, stronger economy, greater regional integration and cooperation, and more innovation.

Pablo Mieres is the Director of the Social Science department at the Catholic University of Uruguay. He served as a Member of Parliament in Uruguay from 2000-2005 and was a candidate for the 2004 Presidential elections. He is the President of the Independent Party of Uruguay.

Ciro di Costanzo is professor of Communication and International Politics at the Universidad Iberoamericana. He is the head of one of the most influential radio shows in Mexico, Reporte 98.5 FM.

Jose Belaunde Barriga is the coordinator of Globalitaria, Initiatives to build peace. He has taught philosophy at various universities in Lima, Peru, lectured at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and served as a visiting researcher at the CSIC in Madrid.

Luis Castro Obreg