The new relations between Moscow and Washington, Brussels, Beijing, Eastern Europe and the Middle East
Conclusions of the International Conference of Safe Democracy

By Carlos Taibo, rapporteur


…”Russia is not the power she once was, but no Eastern European country has risen to take her place. The country’s position should change in the future, however, as her geographical size, with such diverse areas as the European Union, Middle East, Central Asia, China, Japan and the north tip of America, as well as her vast deposits of natural resources suggest Russia can rise to be more than a mere regional power”.

Carlos Taibo, professor of Political Science at the Autonoma University of Madrid where he is reputed as one of the foremost experts on Russia and Eastern Europe.

Alberto Prigego Moreno, expert on issues of the Caucasus and central Asia and researcher in the Department of International Studies of the Computense University of Madrid.

Ricardo Angoso, journalist specializing in international affairs, and general coordinator of the NGO Dialogo Europeo in Madrid.

David Garc