Conclusions of the International Conference of Safe Democracy

By Mario Sznajder, rapporteur


“Summarizing four hours of discussion on how to reinitiate the Palestinian-Israeli peace process in a few minutes –or a few pages– is not an easy task. Not only because of the limits of time and space, but especially because of the complexity of the problem”.

“The panel on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was splendid and excellently moderated by Zidane Zeroui, who explained his experience in International Relations and helped the table avoid falling into the trap of emotional or ideological debate. Both the moderator and the participants decided to concentrate on answering each one of the questions posed directly, which helped to focus the discussion in more concrete terms”.

Mario Sznajder is a Leon Blum chair and professor of political science at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a researcher for the Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace. He has published hundreds of articles in scientific journals on fascism, human rights, democracy, and the Middle East.

Zidane Zeroui is a professor of International Relations and Coordinator of the Master’s program in International Studies at the Technological University of Monterrey, Mexico.

Najib Abu-Warda is a professor of International Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid.