Part I

We present the first part of the conclusions reached at Safe Democracy’s International Conference, Three Years After 11-M: Regional Challenges for a Globalizing World.

The results published here include recommendations from a wide-ranging group of diverse experts on How to restart the peace process between Israel and Palestine, and posed the question whether Spain and Europe are still targets of international terrorism, three years after March 11th.

Also discussed was governance, poverty and growth in Latin America, and geopolitics of Russia.

At Safe Democracy, we understand democracy not just as the right to elect politicians and to be represented by them, but rather in a much broader sense: a political and social system which fosters security, and that values education, health care, job opportunities, freedom of expression, diversity, that fearlessly supports innovation, that respects minorities, their cultures and their rights.

As part of Safe Democracy‘s many activities aimed at guaranteeing the growth of democracy, we have created this opportunity to analyze public issues under the dynamic of work groups in which ideas are exchanged, proposed and reflected on between recognized experts.

Our objective is to fortify this independent yet multi-faceted community of experts on international affairs –promoting pragmatic solutions– and allowing for participation from the public via the Internet.

We invite all of our readers to comment on the scenarios and solutions to the principle regional challenges expounded by our international experts.

Warm regards,