Part II

We present, the second section of conclusions from Safe Democracy’s International Conference, Three Years After 11-M: Regional Challenges for a Globalizing World.

The results published here include the recommendations of a diverse population of experts on how to produce sustainable growth in Asia, as well as recommendations regarding the question of immigration and the future of Europe, and aid and development in Africa. Suggestions by the experts on how to avoid a mega crisis in the Middle East can also be seen.

At Safe Democracy, we understand democracy not only as giving citizens the opportunity to elect their governments and to be represented, but in a more comprehensive sense: democracy is a political and social system which grants security, not only from a physical point of view, but economic and social, giving priority to education, health, job opportunities, freedom of speech and diversity, which fearlessly supports innovation, and respects minorities, their cultures and rights.

As a part of the multiple activities of Safe Democracy aimed at guaranteeing the strengthening of democracy, we have opened this opportunity to analyze public matters under a group dynamic where ideas, proposals and reflections can be exchanged between recognized experts.

Our objective is to strengthen this independent and plural community of experts in international affairs, inspiring pragmatic solutions, and to bring the results to the public through the internet.

We invite all readers to comment on the scenarios and solutions to the principle regional challenges posed by our international experts.


Martin Varsavsky