Results of the International Conference of Safe Democracy

By George Emile Irani, rapporteur


The debate focused on certain key States in the Middle East: the crisis in Iraq, conflicting visions of Iran, the political climates in Syria and Lebanon, and the best manner to increase human development and build stronger economies.

George Emile Irani is the Lebanese-born director of the Africa and Middle East Program of the Toledo International Center for Peace in Madrid. He is the author of “The Papacy and the Middle East: The Role of the Holy See in the Arab-Israeli Conflict“.

Martin Varsavsky is the president of the Safe Democracy Foundation and has founded six successful businesses over the last 15 years. He is currently the CEO of FON.

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is the author of “The International Politics of the Persian Gulf: A Cultural Genealogy” (Routledge). Educated at Hamburg, American and Cambridge Universities, he teaches International Relations at Oxford University.

Carlos Escud