Results of the International Conference of Safe Democracy

By Fernando Delage, rapporteur


“The Asia work group started off by discussing the implicit affirmation in the very question that served as the table’s title. The experts of that region discuss how to evolve towards a more balanced development, which in China’s case is known as the scientific concept of development or Harmonious Society”.

Fernando Delage is a member of the Advisory Council of the journal Foreign Politics in Spain.

Rafael Bueno is Director of Conferences, Seminars, Studies and West-East Dialogue at the Asia House.

Gracia Abad holds a doctorate in Political Science and is an expert in Asian-Pacific and Oriental Asian regional themes. She is an investigator for the International Security and Cooperation Investigation Team of the International Studies department of the Complutense University of Madrid. She has been invited as an expert for the Institute for Defense and Strategic Studies in Singapore.

Mario Esteban is a Doctor and Assistant Professor at the Center of East-Asian Studies at the Aut