Renovation of the Labor Party in Israel?

Ayalon, Barak, and the return of security experts

By Mario Sznajder (for Safe Democracy)

Mario Sznajder discusses the Israeli political scenario after the first round of Labor party primaries – in which Ami Ayalon and Ehud Barak were the favorites – and explains how the partial election of Havodah will determine the new government and political future of Ehud Olmert, as well as the political agenda of the country, affected by years of security crisis and a growing socio-economic gap.

PLUS: “A red card for Ehud Olmert“, by Mario Sznajder

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Technical Draw between the PP and the PSOE in Spain

Leaders, swingers and alliances after the legislative elections of May 27th

By Ricardo Angoso (for Safe Democracy)

Ricardo Angoso analyzes the results of the recent municipal and autonomous elections in Spain, concluding that the two main parties, PP and PSOE, will have to work hard to obtain the two million swing votes that will be decisive in the Presidential elections in March of 2008. The following article envisions four scenarios for Spanish politics after the technical draw.

PLUS: “Beyond Mere Divergences: Spain, Two Antiterrorist Policies“, by Javier Ortiz


Is MERCOSUR Stagnating?

Integration undermined by internal disagreement

By Pablo Mieres (for Safe Democracy)

Pablo Mieres considers that with internal disagreement among the member states, and the paralysis of commercial relations with the European Union, it is hard to be optimistic about the future of MERCOSUR, despite the recent inauguration of a regional Parliament.

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The Satisfaction of Iran

Teheran and the strategy of “perpetual turbulence”

By Jana Beris (from Jerusalem, for Safe Democracy)

Jana Beris explains the Iranian strategy of perpetual turbulence throughout the Middle East in an attempt to destabilize the current world order. For Teheran, the worse off the region is, the better.


Wolfowitz’s Resignation as President of the World Bank

The opportunity to democratize international organizations

By Rafael Moreno (for Safe Democracy)

Rafael Moreno believes that the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz as President of the World Bank opens up an opportunity to democratize the selection process of the leaders of International Organizations: a system which up until now has been manipulated by the great powers of the world.

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Blogging: A Threat to Democracy?

The effect of new technologies on Swedish politics

By Per Persson (for Safe Democracy)

Per Persson analyzes the controversial use of blogging as a campaign tool in Sweden. He notes that some critics claim blogs give too much power to the politicians that use them, but dispels that notion using one Swedish politician’s successful blog as an example. He proposes that as long as the media continues to keep politicians in check, blogs can be used as tools for the strengthening of democracy.


Crisis in Pakistan: Moving Closer to Chaos

Musharraf’s perversions put Western powers in doubt

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Sohail Mahmood discusses the recent surge of violence and unrest in Pakistan and analyzes the cause of tensions between the current military regime and the opposition parties. He also explains the responsibility that Western powers have in this conflict, backing the regime along the years. In Mahmood opinion’s, the future of Pakistan appears dark as more conflicts across the horizon.


Turkey Is Looking East

An alternative to Brussels or a changing state?

By Adri


China-Taiwan: Playing with…the Torch

The fusion of sports and politics in Southeast Asia

Posted by , 16th May 2007

Xulio Rí­os explains how the passing of the Torch to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics has created enormous tension between China and Taiwan. Not even sports are capable of pacifying the complicated relationship between Beijing and Taipei.