A New Era of Power Change for Argentina?

Mauricio Macri, Elected Mayor for the City of Buenos Aires

By Fabian Bosoer (for Safe Democracy)

The victory of Mauricio Macri as mayor of the City of Buenos Aires represents a new wave in Argentine politics and highlights the existence of a liberal, right-of-center lean, with more future than past.

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Don Quijote in the Lebanese Quicksand

The UNIFIL in the Middle of an Internal Turmoil

By George Emile Irani (for Safe Democracy)

Why the attack against the Spanish contingent in Lebanon is a wake up call to tackle the urgent problems undermining stability in the country.

PLUS: Lebanon and the Salafist challenge, by George E. Irani


Gaza Coup D’état (Part II)

Who will do what in the Middle East now?

By Walid Salem (for Safe Democracy)

What motivations made Hamas commit this Coup d’etat now? For what reasons was it so easy for them to take control of the security forces? What should each of the state holders do directly or indirectly within the conflict? In the following you have the responses.

PLUS: Gaza Coup D’etat (Part I), by Walid Salem


Gaza Coup D’état (Part I)

Islamization is Coming

Posted by , 21st June 2007

Walid Salem explains the process of Islamization in Gaza has come. Its confrontation with the Palestinian Nationalism. The future of life in Gaza. The security, the political map and the Economy in the first section of his two part article.


Pakistan: Extremism on the Rise

Current policy fuels the fire of radical violence

By Sheharyar Khan (for Safe Democracy)

Sheharyar Khan looks at the rise in violent attacks in Pakistan and analyzes the diverse factors leading to the recent chaos. He notes that Pakistan‘s foreign relations and the policies of its military government have not only failed to abate extremism, but have added to the current violence and unrest.

PLUS: Political Instability and Pakistan’s Military Regime, by Sohail Mahmood


Why the asymmetry between Israel and the PNA derails the negotiation

The break between Gaza and West Bank and the peace process

By Mario Sznajder (for Safe Democracy)

Mario Sznajder believes that the violent conflicts between Hamas and Fatah in the Gaza Strip demonstrate the inexistence of Palestinian institutionalism in all its magnitude. The asymmetry between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority not only derails any negotiation but it generates a conflict of low intensity in which the Israeli society suffers, but the Palestinian society suffers much more, affirms.

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The Leap Forward for Hugo Chavez

Venezuela and the continuation of underdevelopment

By Javier del Rey Morató (for Safe Democracy)

Javier del Rey Morató examines the power bases of Hugo Chávez –the magic of Communication, petroleum and a missing opposition–, and along with that, he predicts a problematic future for Venezuela, given that, in his opinion, the factor of petroleum and messianic dictatorship only generate underdevelopment.

PLUS: Radio Caracas Television Becomes History, by Iraxis Bello

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The Iranian-American Meeting in Baghdad

Talking Amidst Anarchy

By Arshin Adib-Moghaddam (for Safe Democracy)

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam applauds recent Iranian-American dialogue as a positive step, but notes that there are still many barriers stunting the growth of relations between the two countries. He adds that in order to continue progress, the people of both countries should criticize and check the State, and take peace into their own hands.


The Next Steps for Peace in the Middle East and West Asia

Opening dialogue between the West and Islam

Posted by , 14th June 2007

Sohail Mahmood details the next steps that should be taken in order to create peace and stability in the Middle East, placing special emphasis on dialogue between the Western and Islamic worlds, and the power of every individual to make a difference.