Forty Years Without a Lasting Peace

The Six-Day War in Retrospect (1967-2007)

Posted by , 14th June 2007

Daniel Bavly takes a look back at the Six Day War, the conflict in which Israel faced a coalition made up by Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Syria exactly 40 years ago. The author, who lived through and took part in the event, believes a key opportunity to reach a concrete peace agreement was lost.


The Anti-Judaism of the Iranian Regime

Ahmadinejad and the destruction of Israel

By Carlos Escud


Lebanon and the Salafist challenge

On the edge of civil war?

By George Emile Irani (for Safe Democracy)

George Emile Irani writes on the current conflict in Lebanon between Salafists and the Lebanese army, placing the blame on the failing political regimes that allowed the extremists to take root. In Irani‘s opinion, these newly formed Sunni radical groups will pose a major challenge to UNIFIL’s mission in Lebanon, to the dominance of Hezbollah and Hamas, and to the stability of the entire region.


Radio Caracas Television Becomes History

Freedom of press in a polarized nation

By Iraxis Bello (for Safe Democracy)

Iraxis Bello believes that above and beyond the legality of Hugo Chavez‘s decision to close down the private channel Radio Caracas Television, what is taking place in Venezuela is an affront on the plurality of opinion and the liberty of the press.

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Political Instability and Pakistan’s Military Regime

Does democracy have a chance in the country’s near-future?

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Sohail Mahmood comments on Pakistan‘s complex political situation, noting growing tensions between a public calling for democracy and a military regime willing to go to any lengths to hold onto its power. He offers that fair elections would be the only solution to the country’s political instability.