The Middle East “peace question”, again to debate

Returning to Clinton Parameters and Taba negotiations

Posted by , 25th September 2007

What peace question answers will Palestinians and Israelis deliver on the eve of the international meeting organized by American President George W. Bush this Autumn? And will these answers as they are proposed be enough to make the breakthrough needed toward two states for two peoples?

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Protecting Americans by Spying at Home

US and FISA: be careful with the mails you send

Posted by , 25th September 2007

The new securities measures aim to protect the U.S., but offer no protection to its citizens’ privacy rights while giving the authorities carte blanche to spy on citizens without any Congressional or Judicial oversight.


Where is the Venezuela of Chavez Headed?

Doubts and certainties about the Bolivarian Republic

By Ricardo Angoso (for Safe Democracy)

Chavism has achieved certain successes (for some undeniable, for others disputable), but has failed in other aspects, and runs the risk of leaning toward a semi-authoritarianism wrapped in a plebiscitary democracy, according to the author.


The Cold War with Iran

Bush and Peatraeus: What has and hasn’t been said of public opinion

Posted by , 25th September 2007

To what is the continued US strategy in Iraq responding? Mitigating the effects of a civil war… or surrounding Iran? Understand in the following what George W. Bush and General Peatraeus said in their joint appearance before Congress. And most importantly: what they didn’t say with respect to Iran. The return of contention.


Preventing the radicalization of individuals in the UK

Questions of social cohesion and the battle of ideas against extremism (part II)

Posted by , 13th September 2007

A study of the threat of Islamic terrorism in Britain, analyzing the historical and social components of a generation-long problem: there is a need for a comprehensive approach to homegrown terrorism in a democratic society, but there is no single solution.


Latin America, Was Independence Really Worth It?

200 years of partial and deficient emancipation

By Javier del Rey Morató (for Safe Democracy)

Beginning next year, there will be bicentennial celebrations for the independence of the Hispanic-American republics. But, certain realities suggest instead a stubborn and steadfast dependence.

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