An Urgent Call for a New Dialogue between the West and the Islamic Civilization

War of the Minds

Posted by , 27th October 2007

Soul searching, an atmosphere of toleration and respect and a dialogue among the civilizations (the West and Islam). Mutual respect, justice and equity and the rejection of bigotry and hatred; all basic humans values that the West and Islam have in common. Why then is a dialogue between these two civilizations so hard?


The new anti-Iranianism

When the American Media targets Tehran

Posted by , 25th October 2007

The author discusses his views about a form of new anti-Iranianism referring to a general attitude of disrespect and vengefulness supported by the American media post 9-11, sighting examples such as the visit of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to New York.


Alert before the Unreasonableness of Hamas

Fear of a large attack grows in Israel before the Annapolis Summit

Posted by , 25th October 2007

Experience demonstrates that radical groups often intervene during significant moments in order to deal harsh blows. The proximity of the Summit between Mahmood Abbas and Ehud Olmert in Annapolis, Maryland has already set off many alarms in Israel: is Hamas trying to get noticed before the Summit in November, because he was not invited?


How to Strengthen the Integration between Brazil and Argentina

Improving the strategic positioning for South America

Posted by , 18th October 2007

The Argentinians and Brazilians must overcome their old historic mistrusts, because there is no possible fate for an isolated Argentina, or for an isolated Brazil. The solution is to strengthen integration, which demands giving up individual ownership and sharing certain positions. There is no alternative, because the risk of inaction is to be converted into simple segments indifferent of the international market.


More Corporate Responsibility

A breach of trust between consumers and global corporations

Posted by , 16th October 2007

According to a recent report by the McKinsey Company published in The McKinsey Quarterly, there is a breach of trust between consumers and global corporations, which creates a lack of understanding between business leaders and consumers. The solution: more social responsibility. Where all will win: business, governments, and the civil society.


Pakistan: General Musharraf’s Election Bid, the Supreme Court Verdict and Public Protests

Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by , 11th October 2007

The author examines the democratic transition in Pakistan and the hopeful transition to civilian rule in the upcoming general elections in January 2008.


The Impact of Climate change in Africa

An inconvenient truth that discriminates against the poor

Posted by , 11th October 2007

Even though the leading causes of to global warming originated in industrialized countries, the poorest regions, like those in Africa, will be the ones most affected due to their dependence on the presence natural resources that can be greatly affected by climate change.


The Importace of Dialogue between Jerusalem and Damascus

Formulas for an effective pacification in the Middle East

Posted by , 11th October 2007


The Arab-Israel peace conference this November in Annapolis (Maryland) faces a mountain of problems. It will attempt to reach a general agreement and take into account the relations between Syria and Israel and also those between Israel and Lebanon, including the problem with Hezbolá.

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Spain and the moral obligation to Protect

Dialogue, diplomacy, prevention, and the use of dissuasive force in order to preserve the peace

Posted by , 3rd October 2007

Spain contributes to the missions of multilateral peace, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction that was proposed by the Government and passed by the Congress which represents the Spanish citizenry. The country is already a power on the global stage, and for this reason it neither can nor should elude its responsibilities.