Poland Wagers for Change

Voter-turn out is the highest since the fall of communism in 1989

Posted by , 2nd November 2007

The electoral results received in Poland have transformed the political landscape of the country: the defeat of the conflicting Kaczynski brothers, and the failure of the radical parties has restored to the Polish people true optimism. Among, the first measures of the administration of Donald Tusk is the announcement of the retreat by 2008 of the 1,200 Polish soldiers stationed in Iraq, the adoption of the Euro in 2012, and the signing of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.


Turkey, in the spotlight

Ankara redefines his foreign policy

Posted by , 2nd November 2007

The conflict with the Kurdish guerrillas of the Workers’ Party that confronts the Turkish army could culminate in a large-scale, dangerous war operative that would end the fragile balance of the new Iraqi State. Meanwhile, the relationship between Washington and Ankara is going through a period of strong and unusual turbulence. It is worth asking whether this is due to a simple situational uneasiness or if it is the accumulation of negative signals presaging a confrontation between the two strategic allies.