What Does the Increase of Food Prices Imply for the World?

Keys for confronting a global crisis that makes the poorest even poorer

Posted by , 30th April 2008


Food increases because of the change in climate; the major revenue of emerging economies like China and India; the growing demand for biofuel and speculation, states the author. Find out what will happen in the next few years and what can be done to avoid the hunger of millions of people.


The “Check” of Al Qaeda to Europe Continues

Ayman al Zawahiri looks to expand his jihad against Europe

Posted by , 30th April 2008


The revolt of Muslim children who gambled for a European paradise confirms difficult integration and the undeniable existence of hundreds of sleeper cells in Europe’s numerous countries. Why are the jihadists of the world publishing documents in English, French and German on the Internet?


Islamabad’s Next Steps

The Challenges Facing the PPP-PMLN Must Now Be Confronted

Posted by , 30th April 2008


As Pakistan makes the transition from military rule to civilian rule, the newly elected coalition government finds itself with a full range of necessary reforms, from new economic policies to various changes in the legislative body and the constitution itself. Failure to carry out these measures, says the author, would have repercussions on the global War on Terror.


Energy Reform in Mexico: the Great National Soap Opera

The future of the petroleum company PEMEX in play

Posted by , 30th April 2008


The Mexican congress should debate how to extract the best profit from the diminishing supplies of petroleum and its elevated price before the business ends because it is surrounded by the laws of protection and environmental sustainability. However, while Mexico makes a gamble so that PEMEX and its economy earn competitiveness and sustainability in the short term, the politicians shut themselves in their dogmatisms and watch a different soap opera, states the author.


A New Opportunity for a Dialogue between Beijing and Taipei?

The Chinese economy seduces the business class of Taiwan

Posted by , 24th April 2008


Is the relationship between China and Taiwan changing? The last official economic meeting between the respective authorities removed the hypothesis of the conflict. However, even intensifying the economic changes, the unification has not been considered, and not only because of Taipei’s objections: such a geopolitical change in the zone would question the influence of Washington in the region.

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The Failure of Security Policy Against Terrorism

How to build true “secure democracies”

Posted by , 24th April 2008



The policy (singular) of national security is a failure, says the author. Colombia should resolve the dilemmas it encounters, but without darkening its future with the fallacies woven around a sensitive (and marketable) theme for Colombians, as is its conflict with FARC.


A Judicial Coup d’Etat in Turkey

The possible outlawing of Erdogan’s party removes the European dream even more

Posted by , 24th April 2008


The Turkish lay establishment, represented by certain bureaucratic, judicial, military sectors is ready to recover in the courts what was lost in the ballot boxes, and has asked the court to close the AKP, the Islamic formation moderated in the government since 2002. A request that would have pernicious consequences for Turkey, assures the author.


Pakistan’s Next Hurdles

The new civilian government faces various internal and external challenges

Posted by , 17th April 2008


The recently elected coalition government of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) must now struggle to cement its power amid dauntingly high public expectations. In addition to lingering political disputes, among them the recent judiciary controversy and the ongoing conflict with Kashmir, this new government now faces a grave economic situation and a changing political atmosphere in the exterior.


A breath of fresh air for relations between the U.S. and Latin America?

What Obama, Clinton, and McCain say and think about the region

Posted by , 17th April 2008


All indications are that, beginning in November, the scale of diplomatic relations between the United States and Latin America will increase. Although each has a different point of view, the three presidential candidates agree that Washington should pay more attention to Latin-American countries if it wants to influence the region.

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