The revolt of Muslim children who gambled for a European paradise confirms difficult integration and the undeniable existence of hundreds of sleeper cells in Europe’s numerous countries. Why are the jihadists of the world publishing documents in English, French and German on the Internet?

AL QAEDA’S SECOND-IN-COMMAND, Ayman Al Zawahiri surprised Madrid authorities by urging radical Moroccans to attack the allies of Satan–that is to say, to fight against the Spanish presence in the African cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

“According to Europol, in 2007 Al Qaeda distributed through the Internet more guerrilla manuals and propaganda than in previous years”

Al Zawahiri used an Internet page to post his diatribes against the West. He especially emphasized the necessity of mobilizing the Maghreb jihadists against the presence of apostates and crusaders in the lands of Islam. A familiar rant, and one which reveals the predilection of the ringleaders of the terrorist network for technological advances, as well as resorting to the Internet to spread propaganda.

Curiously, not even 48 hours before the intervention by Bin Laden’s deputy, the ministers of Interior and Justice of the European Union were meeting in Luxembourg to evaluate new proposals destined to improve the fight against international terrorism and against Islamic radicalism. The representatives of the European governments agreed on the need to control the mass media that is used as a platform for indoctrination of future Euro-jihadists. In fact, according to the last report from Europol, in 2007, Al Qaeda distributed across the Internet more manuals of guerrilla warfare and propaganda than in any of the previous years.


“The supposed jihadists detected by the security services of the French, Germans, Belgians, or Bulgarians are citizens of the said countries”

Interesting detail: the radicals are publishing documents in western languages such as English, French, or German. But it is not a question of an attempt to get closer to European public opinion, but purely and simply a new strategy destined to attract Muslims belonging to the second or third generation of immigrants, who do not know even rudimentary Arabic.

In effect, many potentials candidates for the Euro-jihadist career come from families integrated into the societies of their respective countries.

The rebellion of the children who gambled for European paradise confirms, on the one hand, the difficult integration of these in the western society, and also the undeniable existence of hundreds of sleeping cells in numerous countries of Europe.

“The conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan have affected European safety”

Even though many of the suspects detained in 2007 by the European forces of public order come from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, the supposed jihadists detected by French, German, Belgian, or Bulgarian security services are citizens of the said countries. This foreshadows, according to the experts, an increase in the terrorist threat directed against European societies and institutions.


Pakistan denies the existence of training camps, alleging that it is not disposed to tolerating the presence of the Taliban in its territory”

The conflicts in Iran and Afghanistan, settings for combat between radical Islam and sectors of the population that support military presence of the West, have affected European safety. In recent years, these countries were the chosen destinations for Euro-jihadists, who are currently directing their looks toward a new attraction: Somalia.

Many young Europeans were trained in the use of arms, explosives, and toxic substances in training camps situated in Pakistan. Pakistan revealed Al Qaeda’s Afghan bastions after the war of 2001.

Nevertheless, “The presence of Afghan guerrillas in the border is enough to prove that the Pakistani military establishment refuses to leave its double game” the Pakistani governmental organizations try to deny the existence of these facilities, alleging that the country, a friend of the United States, is not willing to tolerate the presence of the Taliban in its territory.

However, the liberation a few days ago of Maulana Sufi Mohammed, the former director of the radical movement, , that fought together with the Taliban in the war in 2001, is a reminder that Pakistan has been (and continues being?) the springboard of the group led by Bin Laden.

The presence of Afghan guerrillas in the border is enough to prove that the Pakistani military establishment refuses to leave its double game. The game consists of ingratiating the emissaries of Washington while offering logistic support to radical Islamic emissaries.


“What doubt remains that the settlers of this mountainous country feel closer to their Saudi brothers than to their American cousins”

Pakistan was never a faithful ally of the United States. Its leaders played the American card to offset the until-now hypothetical nuclear threat from India and China. During the government of Zilfikar Ali Butho, Pakistan constructed an atomic weapon–the so called green bomb (green is the color of Islam)–with Saudi capital and North American technology. Little doubt remains that the settlers of this mountainous country feel closer to their Saudi brothers than to their American cousins.

European experts consider that jihadists trained in Pakistan could become a threat for countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. In the case of the shoreline Mediterranean states, the risk is accentuated even more due to the presence of commando units from the Maghreb branch of Al Qaeda.

Other member states of the E.U., like Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia run the risk of accommodating logistical bases of radical Islam. They are used for money laundering, the elaboration of false documents and, last but not least, the creation of real estate agencies that serve as a front for transferring funds to sleeper cells.

In summary, Al Qaeda’s check on Europe continues.