Russia and the Unknown Dmitri Medvedev

Continuity with Vladimir Putin?

Posted by , 29th May 2008


The claims that Russia will see political continuity seem to be backed by the fact that, with everything having gone reasonably well in recent years, it seems there is little to demand modification of Putin’s official policies. However, the vital need to confront unresolved problems could provoke Medvedev to step forward and assume a protagonism not foreseen by analysts.


To Where Will the Jihadists of Iraq Emigrate?

Next stop: Europe

Posted by , 29th May 2008


Where will the Jihadists that are fighting in Iraq stop next? The European countries will be those most damaged in this dangerous migration, states the author. In spite of the raising of the consciousness of the police and intelligence, the European Union continues to present a permeable border. The EU borders are filled with weak points due to the imperfect coordination between member countries and spots where it is difficult to exert exhaustive control.

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The ecologist movement gathers force in the United States

Environment awareness since its origins

Posted by , 22nd May 2008


The most important ecologist groups in the United States work with lawyers, scientists, economists and lobbyists inside the political system and the economic establishment; in addition, an alternative movement has developed, which focuses its work on environmental justice, conservation and political impartiality. They all fight to avoid the apathy of the United States society, which is more worried by terrorism and the economic crisis than environmental protection.


Why it is necessary to increase the worldwide supply of food and to give benefits to the poor

The return of John Keynes and Thomas Malthus

Posted by , 8th May 2008


The strong rise in food prices worldwide has diverse and complex causes, but the situation can be summarized in the following: the demand has risen much more than the supply. If developed nations fail to recognize this, and fail to put fresh money towards the subsidy of food for the poorest, millions of people could die of hunger. The author recommends increasing the global supply of food (through existing technology and science), subsidizing food for the poorest, and implementing free trade worldwide in agriculture.