Berlusconi returns with the same formula from four years ago

Cleaning up the economy, Italy’s principal challenge

Posted by , 24th June 2008

berlusconibandera.jpgThe new Italian government has the same people in key positions that it did four years ago. The economy will be in the hands of the controversial Giulio Tremonti and the responsibility of organizing it in those of the even more debated Roberto Maroni. It could be guessed that Berlusconi is trying for a miracle like that achieved by Spain’s José María Aznar between 1996 and 2004. And this not with cement and more immigrants. He will try to use nuclear energy and liberal reforms, says the author. Will he succeed?


An Arms Race in Latin America?

In Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru, Defense spending is growing

Posted by , 5th June 2008


Many thought that with the majority election of progressive governments in Latin America (which claimed to be anti-war) the region would see a period of relaxation in tensions. But the reality of the situation indicates that Latin America is submerged in uncountable conflicts that directly parallel Defense spending.


Palestinians, spectators to a celebration

After sixty years, peace remains distant

Posted by , 4th June 2008


What initially emerged as a regional conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has now achieved status as a dispute of global proportions and repercussions, though after decades the driving faults behind it remain dismally unchanged. While the Palestinian nationalist movement faces the task of mending various historical defects, both sides of the conflict must now confront the responsibility of working towards a status as constructive partners, says the author.