Philippine justice is a matter of endurance

An understaffed and overworked judiciary breeds corruption and obstruction of justice

Posted by , 6th November 2008

justicia.jpgDue to an understaffed and overworked judiciary, the average length of the litigation of criminal cases in the Philippines is 2 years, 9 months, and 22 days. Moreover, due to rampant corruption, the public has little faith in the righteousness of the government in general, and the judges in particular.

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The necessary double standard in order to survive in Cuba

When the construction of democracy runs into the ambiguity obstacle

Posted by , 6th November 2008

cubanostres.jpgCuban society has serious problems that will not be solved with either the end of the dictatorship or the lifting of the American embargo against the island’s government. The author says that the double standard in which generations of Cubans have been educated in order to survive is a scourge that will in some way jeopardize the quality of the nation’s future democracy.

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