Mercosur finds its opportunity in Israel

How to soften the effects of the international economic crisis in Latin America

Posted by , 11th December 2008

acuerdoisraelmercosur.jpgThe crisis sweeping the financial markets, epicentered in Wall Street, is bringing both fear and opportunities to the countries of South America. The author states that the trade agreement between Mercosur and the State of Israel is a step forward. The challenge lies in creating policies that soften the effects of this global crisis.

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Chávez wins the elections that Venezuela has lost

The opposition consolidates its power in Caracas

Posted by , 4th December 2008

hugovota.jpgIs the pathology of democracy firmly established in Venezuela? The electoral triumph of the PSUV in the regional elections, and fundamentally in the rural government offices, is indisputable. But the problem persists, says the author. And this is it: Chávez is a problem, but Chávez is not the problem: the problem, before and after November 23, is called Venezuela.


Six fallacies regarding the Wall Street crisis

Why Latin America must not do “more of the same”

Posted by , 4th December 2008

bovespa241.jpegThe crisis is situational. It was the modest home buyer’s fault. The problem was caused by easy-to-fix technical errors. We must listen to the credit rating agencies so that what occurred on Wall Street will not happen in Latin America. The top executives also lost, because their stocks fell. With small tweaks to the model, everything can be fixed.

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A new American foreign policy in the Middle East?

Much more than “good will” is needed to resolve the regional problems

Posted by , 4th December 2008

aipac.jpgAccording to the author, the success of Obama’s foreign policy depends on the resolution of difficult relations with Iran, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the war in Iraq. For this, it will be necessary to put long-term interests over short term ones, which, in turn, will allow for a more efficient fight against terrorism.


Islamic banking, a counterpoint to the global crisis

Lessons from a business that is less profitable, but safer and more ethical

Posted by , 4th December 2008

bancaislamica.jpgWhile the year 2008 will be remembered as an annus horribilis for the principal Western banking entities, the so-called Islamic banks will close out the year with it being of the best in their short history. Read on to discover why.

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A change of course for the Chinese communists

How to apply “scientific socialism” to a market that does not regulate itself

Posted by , 4th December 2008

reformaagrochina.jpgChina is an infinitely complex country, where poverty coexists with the most daring and sophisticated demonstrations of progress. But, the author states, despite its historical violent lurches, the CCP is spearheading a peerless economic and social experiment.