Israel holds elections while in an anxious state

The country shifts to the right and enters the pragmatic era

Posted by , 26th February 2009

avigdor.jpgIsrael’s transformation from the age of idealism to the current pragmatic era helps explain the acceptance of Avigdor Lieberman as a legitimate politician. Read on to understand how this transformation occurred, and learn how this will affect the Arab-Israeli peace process.


The Israeli political system: outdated and ineffective (First Part)

With elections looming, Hamas’ rockets spur an unstable coalition into action

Posted by , 25th February 2009

eleccil.jpgThe security threat posed by Hamas forced the incumbent Israeli government into military action, in order to keep face on the eve of the elections. Understand why.


The Israeli political system: outdated and ineffective (Second Part)

The Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and the rise of Lieberman necessitate reform

Posted by , 25th February 2009

knesset.jpgOne thing is clear: Israel can’t afford to be plagued by the indecision that comes with unstable coalition governments. The system will be reformed sooner than might be expected.

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Obama’s ethical warnings

The United States starts to bring back social discourse

Posted by , 25th February 2009

greenspan.jpgIt is impossible to understand or act on the intense collapse of the American and global economy without taking the ethical failures into consideration.


Corruption, an open secret in the Philippines

The World Bank is on trial as frightened investors flee the country

Posted by , 25th February 2009

gloriaymarido1.jpgA recent World Bank report accuses many high-ranking officials in the Philippines of collusion. The government’s response demonstrates how everyone gets away with corruption in the country. Could this be at the root of the country’s competitiveness?


The middle class will define politics in Latin America

Why the political platforms are shifting towards the center

Posted by , 11th February 2009

voto.jpgSome 340 million people comprise what can be defined as Latin America’s middle class. And in their hands lies the power to tip the balance at the polls. Consequently, in view of the proximity of the upcoming elections, many parties in the region have begun to head towards the center.


The Gaza war: a time of crisis and opportunity

Only a global public movement can lead to peace and justice in Palestine

Posted by , 11th February 2009

campamentogaza.JPGAlthough an outrage against the Israeli offensive in Gaza was sweeping the globe, fear of the Jewish State and its dependable American ally has kept the international community from laying down the law. In the author’s view, the world lacks strong political leaders capable of rising to the occasion.


How the crisis will impact the left in Latin America

A new round of elections in a region showing diminished growth

Posted by , 11th February 2009

bachetabare.jpgChile and Uruguay will kick off a new round of elections in Latin America at the end of the year. Will there be a shift towards the center or will the left reassert its dominance? How will the electoral results in these two countries influence the rest of the Latin American elections?


The three pillars of Obama’s political economy

Will there be a paradigm change in the United States?

Posted by , 5th February 2009

obamamanoenalto.jpgThe renovation of infrastructure, the launch of an efficient, green industry and the improvement of the health care and social security systems: these are the three pillars of Obama’s political economy to respond to the crisis. The risks? Racking up an exorbitant public deficit and adding more difficulties to his term, say the skeptics.