The political rise of Lieberman and its effect on Arab-Jewish relations

Coexistence can only be achieved in a climate of social equality and economic opportunity

Posted by , 27th March 2009

liberman.jpgIsrael should be very cautious regarding how it treats its Arab minority. The country, the national home for the Jewish people, has an opportunity to show the world how a minority should be treated, and Lieberman’s rhetoric does not represent a step in the right direction.


Communication and “citizen journalism” in the Twitter era

How to use the Web 2.0 to strengthen democracy

Posted by , 26th March 2009

twitterlogo2.JPGWill we use this new access to information through tools like Twitter to create a more open and deliberative democracy, or simply to play gotcha games with politicians?


How the global economic crisis is affecting the working woman

The ILO reveals that the number of unemployed women could increase by 22 million in 2009

Posted by , 26th March 2009

mujerescrisis.jpgGender inequality in the working world is something that is lamentably deeply rooted in our societies. The global economic crisis is making it worse.


Communication and electoral campaigns: 12 advantages to carrying out political marketing

Positioning candidates, knowing your audience and much more

Posted by , 26th March 2009

politing.JPGI ride with the reins taut, holding back, for the important thing is not to arrive alone, or even first, but together and on time.

León Felipe


Obama and the responsibility to bring the troops home from Iraq

The United States will finally leave the Arab country on December 31, 2011

Posted by , 20th March 2009

retiradairak.jpgThe success of Obama’s plan to finally bring the troops home from Iraq will depend upon his ability to negotiate the stabilization of the Arab country after the military exit with Iran and its ally Syria. It is a high-risk, but very courageous, decision.


Guinea Bissau: Africa’s first narco-state

President Vieira and army chief Na Wai assassinated

Posted by , 20th March 2009

nino_tagme.jpgGuinea Bissau is turning into the African continent’s first narco-state, a country in which the violence stemming from the fight to control the cocaine that passes through the country could get even worse.


The political crisis and the reinstatement of the higher judiciary in Pakistan

Zardari must be replaced and the parliamentary government restored

Posted by , 20th March 2009

nawazardari.jpgIn light of the multiple threats to Pakistan, it is time for national reconciliation and mutual toleration among the various political parties.


Canada, the United States and the fight against climate change

Obama takes his first green steps with his neighbor Harper

Posted by , 20th March 2009

obama-harper.jpgDespite their environmental policy differences, Canada and the United States will fight climate change together.


Have Israeli voters become fatalist?

Why Israel’s up-and-coming political leaders will emerge from the radical right

Posted by , 12th March 2009

israel-elecciones.jpgWith the two-state solution all but dead, a bi-national democracy considered national suicide, and a political left in disarray, Israelis are becoming attracted to fatalism and embracing extremist ideology normally unheard of in Western style democracies. Read on to discover why.