The secret to Barack Obama’s success

Naturalness, humbleness and heart: three basic keys to reaching the public

Posted by , 12th March 2009

obamahablando.jpgIf you want to improve your oratory skills, the president of the United States is a great person to learn from. Read on to discover why.


Corruption in Latin America: getting past the myths

The importance of increasing public and private transparency

Posted by , 12th March 2009

siemens.jpgThe greater a society’s inequalities, the more easily perverse incentives for corruption are created. This has became more ingrained in Latin America during the last few decades. How to put up a fight.


Cuba: Raúl Castro tightens his grip

The president wants some economic reforms, but nothing to do with democracy

Posted by , 12th March 2009

perez_roque-carlos_lage.jpgRaúl Castro does not want discussions and debates, and even less, voices raised against him. He wants his government to be based on results. He needs absolutes.

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Turkey’s admittance into the EU: will it ever happen?

What could convince Brussels to accept Ankara as a member of the club?

Posted by , 12th March 2009

maclimanerdogan.jpgLearn why Turkey could finally enter the European Union in 2013. What role with the oil coming from the Caspian Sea and Russia play?

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The global economy in crisis: four possible scenarios for the future

Searching for new leadership

Posted by , 5th March 2009

escenarioseconomicos2.jpegFirst scenario: the stimulus plans work quickly and the world economy recovers by the end of 2009. Second scenario: the stimulus plans do not work and the economy falls into a serious depression until the end of 2010. Third scenario: economic nationalism and trade wars return. Fourth scenario: the global recession lasts an entire decade.


Organized crime unleashes a wave of violence in Mexico

5,200 people were murdered in 2008

Posted by , 5th March 2009

violenciamexico2.jpgWhy the war between the drug cartels themselves has broken out in Mexico. The opium coming from Afghanistan. The corruption of the police and the legal system. The lack of action by the United States. The express kidnappings. Felipe Calderón and his war against organized crime.


The conflict in Afghanistan: Obama’s dangerous war

How to avoid making the mistake the Soviet Union did

Posted by , 5th March 2009

talibanfighters.jpgUnderstand why the war in Afghanistan could turn into an authentic nightmare for Barack Obama, unless he gets commitments from regional powers like Iran, Pakistan and India, aside from Russia, China and the EU.


The Human Rights situation: a distressing outlook

Without leadership, multilateralism rhetoric goes nowhere

Posted by , 5th March 2009

bankimoondavos.jpgFrom the latest independent reports regarding human rights emerge the cases of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a serious failure to ensure them, and Spain (like other liberal democracies) with specific cases of failure to ensure them.