The United States: the Republican Party in search of its lost identity

Who is who in the new conservative landscape

Posted by , 30th April 2009

republicanosusaIf it wants to get back into the White House, the Republican Party must reconnect with American society, which is currently taking a hard hit from the crisis. And the debate regarding how this should be done has already begun.


Moldavia, the silenced revolution

“We want to be in Europe too”

Posted by , 30th April 2009


Moldavia wants to join Romania and be a part of Europe. But the Communist Party’s “unjust” victory has silenced the Romanian people.


What the G-20 summit in London established

A change in how things regarding global governance are viewed

Posted by , 23rd April 2009


It remains to be seen how the agreements reached at the G-20 summit will be put into practice. The most important thing is the change in how things are viewed: the world can no longer be governed by a handful of Western countries. It would be premature to talk about a “new international order”, but there are indications that something has changed.


Human Rights: Fujimori sentenced to 25 years in prison

There can indeed be justice in Peru

Posted by , 23rd April 2009

fujimoricarcelThe fact that Fujimori has been tried in a public trial, with all of the guarantees of the law, should be cause for Peruvians to be proud.


War in Afghanistan: Will Hamid Karzi remain at the head of the government?

The new American strategy for “AfPak”

Posted by , 16th April 2009

obamakarzai1Barack Obama has just launched his new strategy for Afghanistan. Is there a place for Hamid Karzai in the “restructuring plans”? Who can assure us that the other candidates aren’t ten times worse than Karzai?