Evangelicals in crisis in the United States

The rise and fall of the conservative religious movement

Posted by , 21st May 2009

wickerLearn about the American evangelical movement’s heyday in the nineties and understand why it has gone from a period of unprecedented growth to the current one of decline.


Pakistan: the militancy threat and the USA’s uncertain regional strategy

The Obama and Zardari administrations must form a new partnership to stabilize the country

Posted by , 15th May 2009

sohailpakistan3Is Pakistan truly falling apart? Does the Zardari administration have credibility abroad? Is the Obama administration really serious about aiding the world’s only Islamic nuclear power? Does Pakistan trust the US? Read on for the answers.


Economic crisis in Spain: an incorrect diagnosis, rather cautious measures

New entrepreneurs wanted

Posted by , 14th May 2009

elenasalgado2In order to overcome the serious economic recession that it is mired in, Spain needs a new business spirit, new niches in the business world and a more competitive administration.


Europe and the future of Security

The EU, the United States and Russia in favor of an institutional overhaul

Posted by , 14th May 2009

calduchseguridadeuropaIs it possible to reconstruct the political and military understanding between Europe, the United States and Russia that prevailed in the nineties and fell apart during the last Bush administration, or has the time come to lay the foundation for a new order of European security based on the needs of the twenty-first century?

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Narcotrafficking: Is Mexico a “failed State”?

The United States’ responsibility in a matter of hemispheric security

Posted by , 7th May 2009

cocaina1In order to make progress in the fight against narcotrafficking, the distribution of drugs, as well as the sale of arms and their exportation to Mexico, must be reduced, just as money laundering in the United States must be combated.