Interamerican relations: Obama’s approach to Latin America

The major changes the “new Washington” has brought to the world of foreign policy in relation to the American continents

Posted by , 16th July 2009

obama-chavezSix months of Obama’s mandate have gone by and the beginning of his ever so mentioned “change” is starting to come to life. Apart from the expressive warm feelings between Obama and Hugo Chavez- the photograph which depicts Obama’s hand outstretched firmly to hold Chavez’s, a strong statement of the fact that Venezuela no longer poses a threat to the U.S- there are basically three main events which give us the magnitude of this change.


Chávez digs a deeper hole for Venezuela

Venezuela’s society suffers from an increase in corruption and repression

Posted by , 9th July 2009

chavezThe Venezuelan model shows signs of economic exhaustion and lack of functionality. The repression intesifies.

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China: Hu Jintao and the national minorities

The government steps further away from solving interethnic problems

Posted by , 9th July 2009

hujintaoPreventing the struggles of national minorities goes beyond physical intervention, it should involve a new type of political action and thought which achieves a balance between ethnic groups. Hu Jintao should worry, not much more time is left to fix what has been broken.

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Pakistan’s multidimensional governance crisis

The lethal combination of an unsettling government, terrorism and a crashing economy

Posted by , 9th July 2009

PAKISTAN-POLITICS-ELECTIONPakistan suffered from a multidimensional governance crisis of a very serious nature. The Pakistani state was not performing as expected and the political system was fragile. Notwithstanding the fact that Pakistan was a nuclear power, the country was weakened from within because of continued political and economic crisis of immense magnitude.

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Argentina loses its international strength

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: great expectations, skimpy results

Posted by , 2nd July 2009

argentina-president-cristina-kirchner-claims-falkland-islands-inalienable2Fernández de Kirchner must put aside the diplomatic arrogance full of grand proclamations and responsibly face up to a foreign policy in which the results coincide with Argentina’s strategic guidelines. A preliminary assessment of her performance leaves big question marks and a feeling of deception.

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Honduras suffers a violent coup d’etat: A step backwards for institutionality

President Zelaya arrested by the army and exiled to Costa Rica

Posted by , 2nd July 2009

zelayahonduras1Within a democracy, one cannot give any type of legitimacy to a coup d’etat. For Latin America, this coup in Honduras serves as proof of the extent at which it troubles this region to accept that democracy can only work within boundaries and through laws.


No surprises at the European elections in Spain

Four main points to take into consideration from the electoral results

Posted by , 2nd July 2009

zapatero_rajoy-11Zapatero should not wear a defeated look on his face, because he has not been defeated. Nonetheless, Rajoy should not sport a triumphant smile either. Those who voted in the European Parliament elections in Spain form the solid core of both parties, but the direction of future general elections will be decided by that other 50 percent that abstained from voting.

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