Carl PaladinoCharles Krauthammer

Instead of waiting until after the elections to give his analysis, Krauthammer performs a dissection now, and not without humor. From the “Most suicidal candidate” (Carl Paladino) to the “Unlukiest guy on the planet” (Beau Biden) to the “Most irresistible political name” (Ovide Lamontagne), Krauthammer points out the flaws, victories, and potential of various candidates and recognizes the importance of the rise of Republican women, apparently overlooked by conventional feminism. The electorate, says Krauthammer, has been misrepresented as irrationally angry, when in fact the elections of 2010 are driven by sensible anger and dissatisfaction with the first two years of this administration.

Krauthammer is a weekly columnist for The Post, writing on foreign and domestic policy and politics.

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