Catalán Deus, José

José Catalán Deus is a journalist and a writer. In his longer professional career he has written for many publications, alternating with magazine and newspaper management positions. During the last decade he was a correspondent in London and Rome. Currently he publishes “Infordeus” on the Internet. Among his latest books are “From Ratzinger to Benedict XVI, the new Pope’s enigmas” and “The fourth world war: terrorism, religion and oil in the beginning of the third millennium”.


The G-20′s prescription: reform, not a break with the past

Understand the general conclusions of the economic summit in Washington

By José Catalán Deus, 27th November 2008

cumbrewash.jpgWith the overblown headlines and triumphant images having just faded away, it is necessary to analyze in detail the general strategy and tactical work plan to come out of the global summit held to calm the financial chaos and the global recession.


Religion matters (a lot) in the American campaign

Why Biden complements Obama, and Palin does the same to McCain

By José Catalán Deus, 18th September 2008

biblia.jpgThe two rival parties in the United States are bracing themselves for a tooth and nail electoral campaign. On the Democratic ticket are an African American who became a Christian as an adult and a progressive Catholic who defends a woman’s right to choose, whereas a non-fervent Episcopalian and a staunch Evangelist can be found on the Republican ticket. Read on to find out who is who in the complex American political-religious scene.


Berlusconi returns with the same formula from four years ago

Cleaning up the economy, Italy’s principal challenge

By José Catalán Deus, 24th June 2008

berlusconibandera.jpgThe new Italian government has the same people in key positions that it did four years ago. The economy will be in the hands of the controversial Giulio Tremonti and the responsibility of organizing it in those of the even more debated Roberto Maroni. It could be guessed that Berlusconi is trying for a miracle like that achieved by Spain’s José María Aznar between 1996 and 2004. And this not with cement and more immigrants. He will try to use nuclear energy and liberal reforms, says the author. Will he succeed?


Is it possible to avoid the collapse of the Spanish economy?

How to avert the disaster of the “second transition”

By José Catalán Deus, 17th April 2008


The entire world is searching for the magic prescription to save the Spanish miracle from ending in tears. One recent proposal in these pages could open a fertile debate. However, time flies and even the best plans won’t avert short-term suffering. Proposals can be formed, but the obstacles should not be ignored. Where some see the glass half full, I see it almost empty.

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The Danger of War in Andean America

The outbreak of the Colombian crisis generates a shock wave, bringing misfortune with it

By José Catalán Deus, 18th March 2008

correachavezuribe.jpgThe escalating tension between Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela is as incredible as it is dangerous. The shaky international community cannot allow an armed conflict to break out in the Andes region, or even a new focal point of tension in the American continent. Rhetoric can turn into drama, states the author.

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The Italian elections: “Obama versus McCain”… Roman style

Silvio Berlusconi for the fourth time?

By José Catalán Deus, 6th March 2008

berlusconiveltroni.jpgIn a few weeks, Italy will elect a new government without resorting to the habitual scores of acronyms. The left and right are presenting new, more integrated and centered formulas, which (they hope) will signify an important step towards the bipartisanship that they yearn for. Italian politics are being Americanized, but the small parties on both sides of the political spectrum and in the disputed center will fight for their survival.

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