Ríos, Xulio

Xulio Rí­os is an expert in Chinese studies. He directed the Galician Institute of Analysis and International Documentation in Spain since its foundation in 1991, and currently is the head of the Chinese Police Observatory.


China: Hu Jintao and the national minorities

The government steps further away from solving interethnic problems

By Xulio Ríos, 9th July 2009

hujintaoPreventing the struggles of national minorities goes beyond physical intervention, it should involve a new type of political action and thought which achieves a balance between ethnic groups. Hu Jintao should worry, not much more time is left to fix what has been broken.

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Asia will not wait for Obama

The region is going to speed up its internal transformation

By Xulio Ríos, 11th December 2008

hujintao2.jpgAsia-Pacific is the region in which the United States’ ability to face up to its greatest geopolitical challenge will be made clear; it is there where the desire to strengthen a multipolar order expected to weaken the hegemonic American condition can be most intensely felt.


Will China cease to be a rural country?

The political implications of the process of urbanization in the Asian giant

By Xulio Ríos, 29th October 2008

campochina.jpgThe new Chinese leaders have decided to leave behind what little remains of Maoism. The rural reform currently promoted gives evidence to an undeniable reality: the inexorable advance of the privatization of land, either directly or covertly, which is getting rid of one of the strongest signs of that China that was born in 1949, states the author.

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China disembarks in Latin America

Why Pekin is a “desirable” partner for the region

By Xulio Ríos, 22nd July 2008

chinaylulaexito.jpgThe diplomacy –especially in relation to economics– that China is implementing in Latin America will alter the region’s foreign economic relations at an accelerated pace, along with the geopolitical axes that had appeared immutable up until today. Meanwhile, the image of the United States and the European Union remains unchanged.


Tibet, Sichuan, and the Two Chinese Diplomacies

How to legitimize the politics of Beijing both inside and outside of its borders

By Xulio Ríos, 26th June 2008

chinaterremoto.jpgToday´s China is less isolated than ever, but its absence from international scene continues to be reinforced by the peculiarity of a process that can only be offset by proponents of opportunity and progress. Although more powerful than ever, China´s sociopolitical model and economic interdependence causes it to remain very vulnerable, says the author.


A New Opportunity for a Dialogue between Beijing and Taipei?

The Chinese economy seduces the business class of Taiwan

By Xulio Ríos, 24th April 2008


Is the relationship between China and Taiwan changing? The last official economic meeting between the respective authorities removed the hypothesis of the conflict. However, even intensifying the economic changes, the unification has not been considered, and not only because of Taipei’s objections: such a geopolitical change in the zone would question the influence of Washington in the region.

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Taiwan opposite Kosovo

Why Taipei is very far away from Pristina

By Xulio Ríos, 13th March 2008

taiwanonu.jpgThe supporters of Taiwanese independence consider Kosovo to be a precedent that encourages them not to give up in their struggle. Nevertheless, the differences between the two cases are obvious, and not only due to the democratic imperative necessary to constitute a state; neither the origin of the dispute nor the regional and international context of the two cases is similar either. This is why the consequences of Kosovo’s independence will probably be felt more in the South Caucasus (Transcaucasia) or Europe rather than in the Far East, states the author.


Post-Tiananmen China: A Case of Selective Amnesia

No political changes in Peking until 2020

By Xulio Ríos, 28th December 2007

Xulio Rios believes that the majority of the problems that caused the manifestations in Tiananmen Square eighteen years ago are not only still present in China today, but that many of those problems have gotten worse: corruption and power abuses are on the day’s agenda.


China-Taiwan: Playing with…the Torch

The fusion of sports and politics in Southeast Asia

By Xulio Ríos, 16th May 2007

Xulio Rí­os explains how the passing of the Torch to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics has created enormous tension between China and Taiwan. Not even sports are capable of pacifying the complicated relationship between Beijing and Taipei.