Southeast Asia reduces poverty, but increases inequality

Economic growth and democratic advancement ten years after the financial crisis

Posted by , 5th December 2007


A decade has passed since the financial crisis in Southeast Asia and it is apparent that the region today has matured much more since then with regard to the economy and stock market. Politically, there have been advances and regressions, while at the regional level there is power in the idea of strengthening ties for more integration. However, it is still necessary to overcome unresolved matters such as democratic consolidation and the equal distribution of wealth.


An Urgent Call for a New Dialogue between the West and the Islamic Civilization

War of the Minds

Posted by , 27th October 2007

Soul searching, an atmosphere of toleration and respect and a dialogue among the civilizations (the West and Islam). Mutual respect, justice and equity and the rejection of bigotry and hatred; all basic humans values that the West and Islam have in common. Why then is a dialogue between these two civilizations so hard?


Pakistan, a key ally of the United States

Posted by , 13th August 2007

America’s new responsibilities in the War on Terrorism

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Action is needed in Pakistan before it is too late, the support for Musharraf is dropping and force by itself cannot solve the militancy problem. The United States must look into the Asian country with a long-term vision and pin its hopes on democracy which is its own ideal and value.


The destabilization of Pakistan

Posted by , 26th July 2007

The Musharraf regime, cornered by the Islamists

By Alberto Priego (for Safe Democracy)

The situation in Pakistan is complex and the margin for the Musharraf government to manoeuvre is becoming more limited each time opposite of the generalized talibanization. Will the Islamists obtain control to become a country with nuclear arms in the future?

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Pakistan: Extremism on the Rise

Current policy fuels the fire of radical violence

By Sheharyar Khan (for Safe Democracy)

Sheharyar Khan looks at the rise in violent attacks in Pakistan and analyzes the diverse factors leading to the recent chaos. He notes that Pakistan‘s foreign relations and the policies of its military government have not only failed to abate extremism, but have added to the current violence and unrest.

PLUS: Political Instability and Pakistan’s Military Regime, by Sohail Mahmood


The Anti-Judaism of the Iranian Regime

Ahmadinejad and the destruction of Israel

By Carlos Escud


Political Instability and Pakistan’s Military Regime

Does democracy have a chance in the country’s near-future?

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Sohail Mahmood comments on Pakistan‘s complex political situation, noting growing tensions between a public calling for democracy and a military regime willing to go to any lengths to hold onto its power. He offers that fair elections would be the only solution to the country’s political instability.


Crisis in Pakistan: Moving Closer to Chaos

Musharraf’s perversions put Western powers in doubt

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Sohail Mahmood discusses the recent surge of violence and unrest in Pakistan and analyzes the cause of tensions between the current military regime and the opposition parties. He also explains the responsibility that Western powers have in this conflict, backing the regime along the years. In Mahmood opinion’s, the future of Pakistan appears dark as more conflicts across the horizon.


China-Taiwan: Playing with…the Torch

The fusion of sports and politics in Southeast Asia

Posted by , 16th May 2007

Xulio Rí­os explains how the passing of the Torch to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics has created enormous tension between China and Taiwan. Not even sports are capable of pacifying the complicated relationship between Beijing and Taipei.