Europe needs action, not quiet consensus

The European Union must either develop the capacity to drive and shape the global agenda or accept that the process will be driven by America and Asia.

Posted by , 1st December 2009

Peter Mandelson

european_unionEurope’s strength will be determined by how well it competes economically with the rest of the world, and for this reason Mandelson says the distribution of the big economic portfolios in the next European Commission are critically important. The choices of José Manuel Barroso, the Commission president, will carry much weight in defining the direction of EU policy. The new commissioners will have to be much more than quiet consensus-builders because there is little to recommend European consensus for its own sake.

Lord Mandelson is secretary of state for business.

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How Europe can be heard in Washington

Posted by , 19th November 2009

Jeremy Shapiro and Nick Witney

Obama EUEuropeans need to learn that Barack Obama will continue to listen to those from the Old Continent who have something useful to say. He will not, on the other hand, have much time for others who are just there to glad-hand the president or who show no understanding of how he is trying to reposition the US in the world. The authors say that Europeans need to overcome a number of illusions that dominate the transatlantic relationship, including the misperception that they must continue to turn to America when fearful for Europe’s protection. The authors say the cold war ended 20 years ago and the US government finds the constant attention of European governments to be tiresome.

Jeremy Shapiro is a director of research at the Brookings Institution. Nick Witney is a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

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No surprises at the European elections in Spain

Four main points to take into consideration from the electoral results

Posted by , 2nd July 2009

zapatero_rajoy-11Zapatero should not wear a defeated look on his face, because he has not been defeated. Nonetheless, Rajoy should not sport a triumphant smile either. Those who voted in the European Parliament elections in Spain form the solid core of both parties, but the direction of future general elections will be decided by that other 50 percent that abstained from voting.

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Economic crisis in Spain: an incorrect diagnosis, rather cautious measures

New entrepreneurs wanted

Posted by , 14th May 2009

elenasalgado2In order to overcome the serious economic recession that it is mired in, Spain needs a new business spirit, new niches in the business world and a more competitive administration.


Europe and the future of Security

The EU, the United States and Russia in favor of an institutional overhaul

Posted by , 14th May 2009

calduchseguridadeuropaIs it possible to reconstruct the political and military understanding between Europe, the United States and Russia that prevailed in the nineties and fell apart during the last Bush administration, or has the time come to lay the foundation for a new order of European security based on the needs of the twenty-first century?

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Moldavia, the silenced revolution

“We want to be in Europe too”

Posted by , 30th April 2009


Moldavia wants to join Romania and be a part of Europe. But the Communist Party’s “unjust” victory has silenced the Romanian people.


Turkey’s admittance into the EU: will it ever happen?

What could convince Brussels to accept Ankara as a member of the club?

Posted by , 12th March 2009

maclimanerdogan.jpgLearn why Turkey could finally enter the European Union in 2013. What role with the oil coming from the Caspian Sea and Russia play?

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The UK Government’s anti-terror proposal defeated in the House of Lords

A triumph for human rights, civil liberties and checks and balances

Posted by , 5th February 2009

police.jpgFind out why the House of Lords did the right thing in defeating a bill that would have allowed for the detention of suspects for up to 42 days without being formally charged with an offence.

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The truths and lies about the gas conflict

Why Moscow will introduce a new energy policy

Posted by , 22nd January 2009

gazpromucrania.jpgLearn about the effective short, medium and long term solutions that would allow the EU to avoid having to deal with a lack of gas during future winters. For the time being, the problem between Russia and the Ukraine is far from having been definitively and satisfactorily resolved.