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750,000 Romanian immigrants live in Spain

Posted by , 19th December 2008

embajadorarumanaanimaregreso.jpgSpain is home to more than 750,000 Romanians, of which only 230,000 pay into Social Security. Yet little is known about them. In spite of the demand for a workforce in Romania and the moratorium on the hiring of Romanian citizens in Spain, it is not expected that the Romanian residents will return to their country.


The G-20: Spain’s opportunity

Strengthening foreign policy, a task that cannot be put off

Posted by , 20th November 2008

zpgveinte.jpgRodríguez Zapatero’s participation in the G-20 summit in Washington provides Spain with an excellent opportunity to leave behind its inferiority complexes and convince the world that the country can play an important role on the global level, through the contribution of ideas, commitment, and leadership.


Spain: neither a power nor an emerging country

From the G-20 to the memory of the victims of Francoism

Posted by , 13th November 2008

zapaterorey.jpgNow more than ever, Spain must take advantage of the current situation, domestic and abroad, and leave behind its chronic indecision once and for all.

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Gordon Brown improves, but is still not convincing

The effects of the global crisis in the United Kingdom

Posted by , 13th November 2008

brown.jpgThe rescue plan for the banking sector has transformed Gordon Brown into a British Flash Gordon, making him, even more so than Sarko, the true leader to follow during these times of uncertainty. Even so, he could lose the general elections.


The end of the Spanish economic model

How to restructure a system doomed to fail

Posted by , 30th October 2008

fracasoespana.jpgIf Spain continues to construct an obsolete and dysfunctional model on top of the ruins of its acknowledged failure, it will end up accepting its sad fate as a poor service country relegated to the fringes of the global economy. This will translate into a dip in the country’s general wellbeing.


Spain and the (Irresponsible) Sale of Arms

The importance of increasing the control and transparency of Defense exports

Posted by , 23rd October 2008

helicoptero.jpgToday, Spain places eighth place in the list of countries that export weapons. With what criteria have the sales to certain countries been authorized? Are there guarantees that they will not be used for unforeseen objectives? Have they taken into account the human rights situation? The Spanish government, which is in favor of multilateralism and peaceful conflict resolution, should show a real commitment to increasing the control and transparency of its arms exportation, the author argues.


Mistakes are piling up: the Russian drift and European indecision

Energy in Europe and Central Asia after the Caucasian war: a real head scratcher

Posted by , 9th October 2008

medputin.jpgEurope’s mistake regarding Russia’s latest actions in Caucasus stems from its inability to articulate a strong position in keeping with its interests. Moscow wishes to diversify its economy and not limit itself to being a mere energy provider, and in this sense Brussels has some negotiating leverage. The author says that if the EU does not take advantage of this opportunity, Russia will end up rerouting its energy supply to Asia.


Identity Cards in the UK

Civil liberty versus security, or a question of trust?

Posted by , 9th October 2008

ukcards.jpgThe author argues that, despite the Labour Government’s best efforts, the proposed plan for ID cards in the UK will almost certainly be a key topic for debate in the run up to the next general election, as it is a controversial policy that affects citizens in numerous ways, such as by directly challenging our accepted civil liberties. Will this very costly expenditure even make the UK any safer?


Nostalgia for Russia

The giant steps out from the shadows in order to defend its damaged pride

Posted by , 18th September 2008

nostalgiaderusia.jpgRussia attempts to come back to life by playing with the strength of its two geo-strategical instruments: oil and natural gas.