A Judicial Coup d’Etat in Turkey

The possible outlawing of Erdogan’s party removes the European dream even more

Posted by , 24th April 2008


The Turkish lay establishment, represented by certain bureaucratic, judicial, military sectors is ready to recover in the courts what was lost in the ballot boxes, and has asked the court to close the AKP, the Islamic formation moderated in the government since 2002. A request that would have pernicious consequences for Turkey, assures the author.


Is it possible to avoid the collapse of the Spanish economy?

How to avert the disaster of the “second transition”

Posted by , 17th April 2008


The entire world is searching for the magic prescription to save the Spanish miracle from ending in tears. One recent proposal in these pages could open a fertile debate. However, time flies and even the best plans won’t avert short-term suffering. Proposals can be formed, but the obstacles should not be ignored. Where some see the glass half full, I see it almost empty.

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France and Germany: a pair in crisis?

The differences between the French President and the German Chancellor complicate bilateral relations

Posted by , 10th April 2008


The arrival of Sarkozy to the French government has provoked some changes in French foreign affairs: an approximation to the United States, a tuning in to the United Kingdom and better tandem autonomy with Germany. The transformation could have consequences in the long term for internal cohesion in the European Union, states the author.


Spain Must Identify New Growth Waves

The cases of Israel and Ireland, globally successful clusters, as examples

Posted by , 27th March 2008


Spain finds itself at a crucial moment in 2008: the era of spectacular growth that began some fifteen years ago is reaching its peak. It is now time to restructure the economy and lay the foundation for the second transition. To do this, Spain should find new ways to grow by analyzing which sectors it should develop, as a function of its strengths as a country, in accordance with international market opportunities. The author says that it is very important to open up sectors that, through clusters, add a lot of gross value, just as successful countries like Israel and Ireland did.


The United States Takes Turkey Out of Iraq

How to resolve the Kurdish problem

Posted by , 18th March 2008

turcosvskurdos.jpgAfter days of a military offensive against the Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, Turkey consented to withdraw its troops, in what appears to be a strategy to gain Washington’s trust and ensure that Ankara will have the possibility to carry out new, characteristically similar offensives (limited in scope and duration) in the near future. However, the Kurdish question will not be resolved until Turkey changes its mentality and puts policy before force when making decisions related to national security, states the author.


Warsaw looks for new allies against Moscow

Will Donald Tusk succeed in calming the Russian spirits?

Posted by , 13th March 2008

tuskmerkel.jpgThe failed meetings between Warsaw and Moscow are numerous and complex. Poland continues to view Russia as a threat, but Donald Tusk’s brand new cabinet intends to confront its great neighbor with a new strategy: to promote negotiation in view of the conflict. The objective of Warsaw is two-fold: to win allies that reinforce their position with respect to Moscow and to promote a more united stance within the heart of the European Union, one critical of the Russian excesses.

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The Italian elections: “Obama versus McCain”… Roman style

Silvio Berlusconi for the fourth time?

Posted by , 6th March 2008

berlusconiveltroni.jpgIn a few weeks, Italy will elect a new government without resorting to the habitual scores of acronyms. The left and right are presenting new, more integrated and centered formulas, which (they hope) will signify an important step towards the bipartisanship that they yearn for. Italian politics are being Americanized, but the small parties on both sides of the political spectrum and in the disputed center will fight for their survival.

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The Kosovan State is unviable

International recognition is not enough to be independent

Posted by , 27th February 2008

thaciii.jpgThe very first fundamental condition that must be met in order for a State to exist is for other international players to recognize it. In that case, Kosovo is already a full State, since it has been recognized by the strongest members of the European Union (France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany) and the United States. But is this recognition enough for Kosovo to begin its independent life? Does Western support make the Kosovan State viable?

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Is the Spanish monarchy viable?

The unshakable taboo of the crown-wearer

Posted by , 27th February 2008

juancarlos.jpgNo one disputes Juan Carlos I’s role as facilitator of democracy during the Spanish transition. Regardless of the current crown-wearer’s behavior, the author believes it is necessary to open up a serious debate concerning the viability of the monarchy, and he directly points to the type of regime that we want in Spain.