Argentina: A Besieged Country

The (unnecessary) crisis is deeper than it first appeared

Posted by , 8th July 2008

zidaneargentina.jpgDespite the exceptional situation brought about in Argentina by the spectacular rise of food prices in the world market, the country finds itself more urgently submerged in the grave confrontation between the central government and the agricultural sector, without a visible exit in the near future. Argentina has buried itself in an unnecessary crisis, the author says, and meanwhile is losing a unique opportunity.


Argentina: It’s Time to Stop the Aggressions

Three months later, the agricultural crisis continues without traces of a solution

Posted by , 3rd July 2008

crisisagropec.jpgArgentina appears to be losing a historic opportunity with regards to the global demand for food in a conflict between the government and the agricultural sector that has already lasted three months. But what is truly needed is a political model that will function for the next decade, says the author.


The Churning River of Andean Countries

Latin America-EU: Free trade agreements–from country to country or group to group?

Posted by , 3rd July 2008

uribegarcia.jpgThe commotion has shaken relations between the Andean countries: accusations between Peru and Bolivia, disputes between Ecuador and Colombia, and the eventual agreement between Lima and the EU behind the backs of the Andean Community of Nations. Chavez, meanwhile, has remained silent. The reason is simple: the growing tension between those seeking to establish Free Trade Treaties with the world and improve its economy and those who reject this ideal, says the author.


Where is Bolivia Going?

Negotiation is the only option in dealing with Santa Cruz de la Sierra’s claims to autonomy

Posted by , 26th June 2008

evomorirstacruz.jpgBolivia never ceases to amaze. More than once in its history, when it seemed that Bolivia was on the edge of disaster, it has done an unexpected about face away from violent conflict. Is this what is occurring today?


Mexico Seeks to Modernize the Oil Company PEMEX

The political parties should leave their biases behind and advance comprehensive energy reform

Posted by , 24th June 2008

pemex2.jpgPredictions paint a dismal scene: in 20 years, Mexico may need to import all of its oil when only recently it appeared to be in the big leagues of hydrocarbon production. The oil company PEMEX not only needs a multimillion dollar injection to revive itself, but also the technology to explore and drill at depths in which only select multinational corporations are able to work at full capacity.


Argentina: Why the conflict between the government and the countryside continues

Policy clouds a promising economy with commodities at a true peak

Posted by , 24th June 2008

cortesrutas2.JPGThe core of the crisis between the Cristina Fernández’s government and agricultural producers is not fiscal but rather related to economic sustainability as well as medium- and long-term cultural confrontations that have a long history, the author claims.

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Could an agrarian party emerge in Argentina?

The rural protests end in a general questioning of Kirchner’s model

Posted by , 24th June 2008

tractor.jpgAfter more than three months of agitated mobilization of the Argentine agricultural sector, which has risen against the agrarian and economic policies of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s government, the possibility should not be discarded that the people of the countryside could shape the territorial base of upcoming projects and political realignments, the author says. The agricultural sector has a voice and a vote.


An Arms Race in Latin America?

In Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru, Defense spending is growing

Posted by , 5th June 2008


Many thought that with the majority election of progressive governments in Latin America (which claimed to be anti-war) the region would see a period of relaxation in tensions. But the reality of the situation indicates that Latin America is submerged in uncountable conflicts that directly parallel Defense spending.


Energy Reform in Mexico: the Great National Soap Opera

The future of the petroleum company PEMEX in play

Posted by , 30th April 2008


The Mexican congress should debate how to extract the best profit from the diminishing supplies of petroleum and its elevated price before the business ends because it is surrounded by the laws of protection and environmental sustainability. However, while Mexico makes a gamble so that PEMEX and its economy earn competitiveness and sustainability in the short term, the politicians shut themselves in their dogmatisms and watch a different soap opera, states the author.