Obama and the responsibility to bring the troops home from Iraq

The United States will finally leave the Arab country on December 31, 2011

Posted by , 20th March 2009

retiradairak.jpgThe success of Obama’s plan to finally bring the troops home from Iraq will depend upon his ability to negotiate the stabilization of the Arab country after the military exit with Iran and its ally Syria. It is a high-risk, but very courageous, decision.


Have Israeli voters become fatalist?

Why Israel’s up-and-coming political leaders will emerge from the radical right

Posted by , 12th March 2009

israel-elecciones.jpgWith the two-state solution all but dead, a bi-national democracy considered national suicide, and a political left in disarray, Israelis are becoming attracted to fatalism and embracing extremist ideology normally unheard of in Western style democracies. Read on to discover why.


Israel holds elections while in an anxious state

The country shifts to the right and enters the pragmatic era

Posted by , 26th February 2009

avigdor.jpgIsrael’s transformation from the age of idealism to the current pragmatic era helps explain the acceptance of Avigdor Lieberman as a legitimate politician. Read on to understand how this transformation occurred, and learn how this will affect the Arab-Israeli peace process.


The Israeli political system: outdated and ineffective (First Part)

With elections looming, Hamas’ rockets spur an unstable coalition into action

Posted by , 25th February 2009

eleccil.jpgThe security threat posed by Hamas forced the incumbent Israeli government into military action, in order to keep face on the eve of the elections. Understand why.


The Israeli political system: outdated and ineffective (Second Part)

The Arab-Israeli conflict, Iran and the rise of Lieberman necessitate reform

Posted by , 25th February 2009

knesset.jpgOne thing is clear: Israel can’t afford to be plagued by the indecision that comes with unstable coalition governments. The system will be reformed sooner than might be expected.

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The Gaza war: a time of crisis and opportunity

Only a global public movement can lead to peace and justice in Palestine

Posted by , 11th February 2009

campamentogaza.JPGAlthough an outrage against the Israeli offensive in Gaza was sweeping the globe, fear of the Jewish State and its dependable American ally has kept the international community from laying down the law. In the author’s view, the world lacks strong political leaders capable of rising to the occasion.


The solution to the problem in Gaza involves the United Nations

Concrete proposals in order to make progress in the demilitarization of the Strip

Posted by , 5th February 2009

bankimoon2.jpgThe United Nations Security Council should meet at once to declare Gaza an emergency zone under the umbrella of the United Nations in accordance with Chapter VII, and immediately send a multinational peacekeeping force to the Strip in coordination with Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.


How to take advantage of the ceasefire in Gaza

Lessons from the latest violent episode between Israel and Hamas

Posted by , 29th January 2009


The author says that Israel now has to lead a massive humanitarian aid effort directed at the Gazan population, and make sure that Hamas does not continue with is weapons contraband effort. Israel must send a message of normalcy to the Palestinian population.

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No end in sight to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The important concessions that an impetuous Israel is still unwilling to make

Posted by , 28th January 2009

pal-and-jew.jpgIn 1968, Israel was warned that if it were to lose its self-control and ability to keep its position in the tumultuous Middle East would weaken significantly. In 2008 and on into 2009, it waged a devastating three-week long war against an enemy interspersed within a civilian population. Discover how Israel has gradually turned into a quick-tempered military machine, and what the concessions that the country must make in order to achieve true peace are.

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