A Complex Tragedy in Sudan

By Antumi Toasije (for Safe Democracy)

Antumi Toasije explains why the current crisis in Sudan, in which the Northern Sudanese Arabs are trying to gain control of the Center, Southern, Western, and Eastern regions belonging to black Sudanese, is much more than a postcolonial racial tragedy. Important economic issues are at play in these regions rich with petroleum and minerals. Toasije analyzes the possibility of a UN military intervention, denounces the fact that internal conflicts put Africa back in the hands of foreign troops, and calls for a nonreligious Sudan, united, and linked to the rest of the continent.


SOS Liberia

By Asoka Ranaweera (for Safe Democracy)

Asoka Ranaweera gives a brief history of Liberia from its foundations up to the modern day, discussing the disastrous effects that civil war and instability have had upon the region. In Ranaweera‘s opinion, the election of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf marks a new chapter in Liberia‘s history with the possibility for economic growth and prosperity. But, Ranaweera warns, positive change cannot be made without the support of the international community.


Africa, Between Natural Riches and Misery

By Sagrario Morán (for Safe Democracy)

Sagrario Morán explains that although Africa is one of the richest continents on earth in natural resources, it is the one most plagued by violence, war, and human rights violations. In Morán‘s opinion there are both external and internal causes to Africa‘s trouble. Externally these issues arise from the foreign interference of colonialism and big business, while internally conflict stems from constant civil war, negligence in government, corruption, and ethnic, racial, and religious hatred. And yet, through all of the suffering that the continent has undergone, Morán believes that with intelligent planning, strategic development, and solidarity, a bright future can be achieved in Africa.