The secret to Barack Obama’s success

Naturalness, humbleness and heart: three basic keys to reaching the public

Posted by Mónica Pérez de las Heras, 12th March 2009

obamahablando.jpgIf you want to improve your oratory skills, the president of the United States is a great person to learn from. Read on to discover why.


The conflict in Afghanistan: Obama’s dangerous war

How to avoid making the mistake the Soviet Union did

Posted by Juan Antonio Sacaluga, 5th March 2009

talibanfighters.jpgUnderstand why the war in Afghanistan could turn into an authentic nightmare for Barack Obama, unless he gets commitments from regional powers like Iran, Pakistan and India, aside from Russia, China and the EU.


Obama’s ethical warnings

The United States starts to bring back social discourse

Posted by Bernardo Kliksberg, 25th February 2009

greenspan.jpgIt is impossible to understand or act on the intense collapse of the American and global economy without taking the ethical failures into consideration.


The three pillars of Obama’s political economy

Will there be a paradigm change in the United States?

Posted by Juan Antonio Sacaluga, 5th February 2009

obamamanoenalto.jpgThe renovation of infrastructure, the launch of an efficient, green industry and the improvement of the health care and social security systems: these are the three pillars of Obama’s political economy to respond to the crisis. The risks? Racking up an exorbitant public deficit and adding more difficulties to his term, say the skeptics.


The “carrot and stick” policy in Afghanistan

What Barack Obama’s new strategy for the Pashtun country consists of

Posted by Alberto Priego, 5th February 2009

afganistanrpiegonueva.jpgA policy of pressure on the Afghan government, combined with the outstretched hand that the appointment of Richard Holbrooke constitutes: this is the strategy that the new American administration is hoping to implement in order to stabilize Afghanistan, a country that could not be conquered by neither the Greeks, the British nor the Russians, and whose instability threatens to spread throughout the region.


Obama is thinking in green: you will pay for however much you pollute

The new administration launches an aggressive climate and energy plan

Posted by Heike Pintor Pirzkall, 5th February 2009

obamaenergy.jpgBarack Obama has done more for the environment in a week than George W. Bush in eight years. However, the road is littered with obstacles, and the economic difficulties and challenges abroad can strongly influence any green advancement in the future.


Obama brings back hope

Democratic socialism at the forefront, or the fall of neoliberalism?

Posted by Ignacio Muro Benayas, 29th January 2009

imuroobama1.jpgThis very serious crisis and the arrival of a leader with ideas have coincided. Obama has brought back hope for another renaissance to the world.


Obama and the “non-American” world order

Redefining the role of “the leader of the free world”

Posted by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, 29th January 2009

obamareunido.jpgWhile Obama has raised many hopes and achieved a rhetorical break with the totalitarian language of the Bush administration, his choice of advisers indicates regression rather than progression. Yet if his promise turns out to be meretricious, the world’s rocky relationship with the United States will deteriorate even further.


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Barack Obama’s problem

A lot of hope placed in a man with not a lot of room to maneuver

Posted by Ricardo Israel Zipper, 19th December 2008

obamaexpectativas.jpgLearn why the enormous expectations placed on the president-elect of the United States are precisely Obama’s biggest problem.