How the global economic crisis is affecting the working woman

The ILO reveals that the number of unemployed women could increase by 22 million in 2009

Posted by Raquel Sánchez Bujaldón, 26th March 2009

mujerescrisis.jpgGender inequality in the working world is something that is lamentably deeply rooted in our societies. The global economic crisis is making it worse.


The Human Rights situation: a distressing outlook

Without leadership, multilateralism rhetoric goes nowhere

Posted by Ferran Requejo, 5th March 2009

bankimoondavos.jpgFrom the latest independent reports regarding human rights emerge the cases of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a serious failure to ensure them, and Spain (like other liberal democracies) with specific cases of failure to ensure them.


Obama’s ethical warnings

The United States starts to bring back social discourse

Posted by Bernardo Kliksberg, 25th February 2009

greenspan.jpgIt is impossible to understand or act on the intense collapse of the American and global economy without taking the ethical failures into consideration.


Where is the condemnation from the moderate Muslims?

The terrorist massacre in India

Posted by Martin Varsavsky, 19th December 2008

bombay.jpgWhy can’t the hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims in the world organize a protest against Al Qaeda, against Osama Bin Laden, against what is today in India being falsely carried out in the name of Islam?


How to get over the fear of the future

We can help improve the quality of our world and our lives

Posted by Nelson Pilosof, 19th December 2008

miedofuturo.jpgWe fear losing what we have, what we have achieved as a personal and familial fulfillment. We fear falling into poverty or destitution, the irruption of an unknown world bereft of any referential precedents, whose sole insinuation becomes unbearable. How can we get over this?


The G-20′s prescription: reform, not a break with the past

Understand the general conclusions of the economic summit in Washington

Posted by José Catalán Deus, 27th November 2008

cumbrewash.jpgWith the overblown headlines and triumphant images having just faded away, it is necessary to analyze in detail the general strategy and tactical work plan to come out of the global summit held to calm the financial chaos and the global recession.


Obama, caught between promises and reality

What must the president elect of the United States do in order to avoid an economic meltdown?

Posted by José Luis Martínez, 20th November 2008

obamajlmart.jpgObama is banking on dialog and change. There will be reforms, but not those that many are imagining. The permanent and changing reality will impose a pragmatic agenda that will go beyond his good intentions.


The G-20 and the international financial crisis

Have we been sentenced to capitalism, or is this an opportunity for complete change?

Posted by Darío Helman, 20th November 2008

crisisburbuja.jpgThe author says that, while many people are expecting the current world crisis to lead to the sounding of capitalism’s death knoll, others will try to look for new ideas to revive the market pull, improve and innovate, and promote the creation of wealth.


Where will the next conflicts take place?

From the (happy) American unipolarity to a world filled with uncertainties

Posted by Ferran Requejo, 20th November 2008

mundoxxi.jpgThe twenty first century has brought with it an outlook very different from the one of happy optimism present in the 1990s; we are looking at a new phase of power redistribution, in which there are already points of possible conflict among the hegemonic powers.