Antarctica, a source of new conflicts?

The global dispute for control of the white continent begins

Posted by , 15th January 2008

antartida1.jpgIt is easy to understand why there is interest in Antarctica; not only is it very probable that it has oil, gas and mineral riches, but it also has something that could be of even greater importance in the future, and which is neither possible nor probable, but unmistakably there: fresh water, of which Antarctica must be the largest known reserve.


Why the US is losing in Iraq

Lessons not learned from the last four years

Posted by , 27th December 2007

Understand why the United States and his allies are unable to win in Iraq in spite of their overwhelming military force. Understand which is the role that plays the merger of the Wahhabi neo-fundamentalism, the Arab ultra-nationalism and the Shia revolutionism.


Populism, democracy without liberalism

When paternalism gives preference to liberties and the rule of law

Posted by , 20th December 2007

The populists tend to enlarge the group of contemporary non-liberal democracies. The author points out that t is not strange that within a single, caudillo-style leadership that claims to act in the name of the people (pueblo) and for the people, political rights and freedoms, like the freedom of the press, freedom of expression, the plural-party system, and the control of electoral processes are suppressed or diminished.

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An Urgent Call for a New Dialogue between the West and the Islamic Civilization

War of the Minds

Posted by , 27th October 2007

Soul searching, an atmosphere of toleration and respect and a dialogue among the civilizations (the West and Islam). Mutual respect, justice and equity and the rejection of bigotry and hatred; all basic humans values that the West and Islam have in common. Why then is a dialogue between these two civilizations so hard?