Where is the Venezuela of Chavez Headed?

Doubts and certainties about the Bolivarian Republic

By Ricardo Angoso (for Safe Democracy)

Chavism has achieved certain successes (for some undeniable, for others disputable), but has failed in other aspects, and runs the risk of leaning toward a semi-authoritarianism wrapped in a plebiscitary democracy, according to the author.


Latin America, Was Independence Really Worth It?

200 years of partial and deficient emancipation

By Javier del Rey Morató (for Safe Democracy)

Beginning next year, there will be bicentennial celebrations for the independence of the Hispanic-American republics. But, certain realities suggest instead a stubborn and steadfast dependence.

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Mexico Searches for a Global Strategy Against Drug-Trafficking

The undeclared war throughout the entire country

Posted by , 13th August 2007

 Zidane Zeraoui believes that for the fight against drug-trafficking and organized crime to succeed in Mexico, Felipe Calderon‘s government must take drastic measures: reforming and cleansing the police, and acting firmly with respect for the law.


Nicaragua, Second Sandinista Government

The enormous challenges, Daniel Ortega’s will

Posted by , 24th July 2007

The neo-liberal government’s succession in the last decade of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has left the government of Daniel Ortega a devastated Nicaragua and sinking into poverty, with important challenges to confront. The new army seems to show their willingness to assume the challenges.

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