The truths and lies about the gas conflict

Why Moscow will introduce a new energy policy

Posted by , 22nd January 2009

gazpromucrania.jpgLearn about the effective short, medium and long term solutions that would allow the EU to avoid having to deal with a lack of gas during future winters. For the time being, the problem between Russia and the Ukraine is far from having been definitively and satisfactorily resolved.


Venezuela on the verge of bankruptcy due to the drop in the price of oil

Corruption, insecurity, inflation, lack of freedoms and political assassinations overwhelm the country

Posted by , 11th December 2008

venezuelaquiebra.jpgThe drop in the price of oil is threatening Venezuela’s internal stability: for every ten dollars that it drops, Caracas will lose five billion dollars each year, which will bring the country to bankruptcy.


Mistakes are piling up: the Russian drift and European indecision

Energy in Europe and Central Asia after the Caucasian war: a real head scratcher

Posted by , 9th October 2008

medputin.jpgEurope’s mistake regarding Russia’s latest actions in Caucasus stems from its inability to articulate a strong position in keeping with its interests. Moscow wishes to diversify its economy and not limit itself to being a mere energy provider, and in this sense Brussels has some negotiating leverage. The author says that if the EU does not take advantage of this opportunity, Russia will end up rerouting its energy supply to Asia.


Russia: the bear wakes up

How to achieve a stable relationship between the West and Moscow

Posted by , 18th September 2008

rusiamedput.jpgA giant like Russia cannot be threatened with retaliation by its Western neighbors, above all because the energy that makes the European countries run comes in a large part from Gazprom, the most important oil company in the world. The author says that by merely understanding Moscow’s historic need to have a safety line, a stable relationship between the Russian bear and its Western neighbors can be achieved.


Nostalgia for Russia

The giant steps out from the shadows in order to defend its damaged pride

Posted by , 18th September 2008

nostalgiaderusia.jpgRussia attempts to come back to life by playing with the strength of its two geo-strategical instruments: oil and natural gas.


Mexico Seeks to Modernize the Oil Company PEMEX

The political parties should leave their biases behind and advance comprehensive energy reform

Posted by , 24th June 2008

pemex2.jpgPredictions paint a dismal scene: in 20 years, Mexico may need to import all of its oil when only recently it appeared to be in the big leagues of hydrocarbon production. The oil company PEMEX not only needs a multimillion dollar injection to revive itself, but also the technology to explore and drill at depths in which only select multinational corporations are able to work at full capacity.


The ecologist movement gathers force in the United States

Environment awareness since its origins

Posted by , 22nd May 2008


The most important ecologist groups in the United States work with lawyers, scientists, economists and lobbyists inside the political system and the economic establishment; in addition, an alternative movement has developed, which focuses its work on environmental justice, conservation and political impartiality. They all fight to avoid the apathy of the United States society, which is more worried by terrorism and the economic crisis than environmental protection.


Energy Reform in Mexico: the Great National Soap Opera

The future of the petroleum company PEMEX in play

Posted by , 30th April 2008


The Mexican congress should debate how to extract the best profit from the diminishing supplies of petroleum and its elevated price before the business ends because it is surrounded by the laws of protection and environmental sustainability. However, while Mexico makes a gamble so that PEMEX and its economy earn competitiveness and sustainability in the short term, the politicians shut themselves in their dogmatisms and watch a different soap opera, states the author.


Bolivia and the Energy Challenges in Latin America

The “anti-imperialist nationalism” of La Paz and Caracas stops investment in infrastructures

Posted by , 10th April 2008

energiabolvia.jpgThe uncertainty generated by the energy politics of the government of Evo Morales has a negative impact on investment, states the author. The current production of hydrocarbons is stagnant and unable to cover, in the case of natural gas, the exportation commitments with Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. In addition, in case of the liquids, the increasing requirements of Bolivia’s own internal market cannot be covered by hydrocarbons. It remains slightly contradictory because in 2002 Bolivia aspired to be the energetic core of the whole region.