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750,000 Romanian immigrants live in Spain

Posted by , 19th December 2008

embajadorarumanaanimaregreso.jpgSpain is home to more than 750,000 Romanians, of which only 230,000 pay into Social Security. Yet little is known about them. In spite of the demand for a workforce in Romania and the moratorium on the hiring of Romanian citizens in Spain, it is not expected that the Romanian residents will return to their country.


Italy and the Risk of Speed

Does acting quickly mean acting correctly?

Posted by , 3rd July 2008

inmigrantesbari.jpgA tacit and politically correct agreement between parties, media, and institutions in Italy previously prohibited the association of the word delinquent with any concrete nationality. This pact has been broken by the immigration policy of Silvio Berlusconi’s new government, the risk of which, the author says, lies in the use of simplified formulas of communication that center all public attention in fear of the others and the illusion that their expulsion will solve the problem.


The Iberian-American Summits: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Social cohesion and inclusion, central topics of the meetings in Santiago

Posted by , 16th November 2007

What are the reasons for holding the Iberian-American summits? And for not holding them. Where does the skepticism come from? What was expected of Summit XVII in Santiago de Chile? Are these Summits justified? The Parallel Summit. The importance of face-to-face meetings. The debate about institutional quality in Latin America. Next, the first part of the analysis.

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Preventing the radicalization of individuals in the UK

Questions of social cohesion and the battle of ideas against extremism (part II)

Posted by , 13th September 2007

A study of the threat of Islamic terrorism in Britain, analyzing the historical and social components of a generation-long problem: there is a need for a comprehensive approach to homegrown terrorism in a democratic society, but there is no single solution.


Bolivia, the Visa of the European Union, Remittances, and Globalization

The complex phenomenon of immigration

By Javier del Rey Morat


Europe´ s changing face

By Pedro G. Cavallero (for Safe Democracy)

Pedro G. Cavallero sheds light on the mistreatment and under representation of minorities in government throughout Europe. In Cavallero‘s opinion the recent riots in France are simply the beginning of what promises to be a massive immigrant outcry for change, integration, and recognition in European societies. The problem of immigration will not go away by ignoring it. Europe must accept its loss of homogeneity, recognize the importance of immigration, and give voices to its immigrants. Only then can Europe move forward, creating more open and tolerant societies.


The Muslim presence in Europe

By Arshin Adib-Moghaddam (for Safe Democracy)

Arshin Adid-Moghaddam explains how a common ignorance and stereotyping of Islam has led to strained relations between the Muslim and Judeo-Christian world. These misinformed views place blame inaccurately on the teachings of the Qu’ran, and lack a complete understanding of the variety of factors that influence modern day Islam, perpetuating what Adid-Moghaddam refers to as a belief in nihilistic terrorism. It is increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that throughout Europe and the wider Western world, Islam is being turned into a police matter. Western governments are increasingly calling for new policies in order to manage the growing threat to social order that Islam appears to present.