The new anti-Iranianism

When the American Media targets Tehran

Posted by , 25th October 2007

The author discusses his views about a form of new anti-Iranianism referring to a general attitude of disrespect and vengefulness supported by the American media post 9-11, sighting examples such as the visit of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to New York.


Alert before the Unreasonableness of Hamas

Fear of a large attack grows in Israel before the Annapolis Summit

Posted by , 25th October 2007

Experience demonstrates that radical groups often intervene during significant moments in order to deal harsh blows. The proximity of the Summit between Mahmood Abbas and Ehud Olmert in Annapolis, Maryland has already set off many alarms in Israel: is Hamas trying to get noticed before the Summit in November, because he was not invited?


Pakistan: General Musharraf’s Election Bid, the Supreme Court Verdict and Public Protests

Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by , 11th October 2007

The author examines the democratic transition in Pakistan and the hopeful transition to civilian rule in the upcoming general elections in January 2008.


The Importace of Dialogue between Jerusalem and Damascus

Formulas for an effective pacification in the Middle East

Posted by , 11th October 2007


The Arab-Israel peace conference this November in Annapolis (Maryland) faces a mountain of problems. It will attempt to reach a general agreement and take into account the relations between Syria and Israel and also those between Israel and Lebanon, including the problem with Hezbolá.

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Spain and the moral obligation to Protect

Dialogue, diplomacy, prevention, and the use of dissuasive force in order to preserve the peace

Posted by , 3rd October 2007

Spain contributes to the missions of multilateral peace, humanitarian aid, and reconstruction that was proposed by the Government and passed by the Congress which represents the Spanish citizenry. The country is already a power on the global stage, and for this reason it neither can nor should elude its responsibilities.


Protecting Americans by Spying at Home

US and FISA: be careful with the mails you send

Posted by , 25th September 2007

The new securities measures aim to protect the U.S., but offer no protection to its citizens’ privacy rights while giving the authorities carte blanche to spy on citizens without any Congressional or Judicial oversight.


The Cold War with Iran

Bush and Peatraeus: What has and hasn’t been said of public opinion

Posted by , 25th September 2007

To what is the continued US strategy in Iraq responding? Mitigating the effects of a civil war… or surrounding Iran? Understand in the following what George W. Bush and General Peatraeus said in their joint appearance before Congress. And most importantly: what they didn’t say with respect to Iran. The return of contention.


Preventing the radicalization of individuals in the UK

Questions of social cohesion and the battle of ideas against extremism (part II)

Posted by , 13th September 2007

A study of the threat of Islamic terrorism in Britain, analyzing the historical and social components of a generation-long problem: there is a need for a comprehensive approach to homegrown terrorism in a democratic society, but there is no single solution.


Pakistan, a key ally of the United States

Posted by , 13th August 2007

America’s new responsibilities in the War on Terrorism

By Sohail Mahmood (for Safe Democracy)

Action is needed in Pakistan before it is too late, the support for Musharraf is dropping and force by itself cannot solve the militancy problem. The United States must look into the Asian country with a long-term vision and pin its hopes on democracy which is its own ideal and value.