Mexico Searches for a Global Strategy Against Drug-Trafficking

The undeclared war throughout the entire country

Posted by , 13th August 2007

 Zidane Zeraoui believes that for the fight against drug-trafficking and organized crime to succeed in Mexico, Felipe Calderon‘s government must take drastic measures: reforming and cleansing the police, and acting firmly with respect for the law.


The destabilization of Pakistan

Posted by , 26th July 2007

The Musharraf regime, cornered by the Islamists

By Alberto Priego (for Safe Democracy)

The situation in Pakistan is complex and the margin for the Musharraf government to manoeuvre is becoming more limited each time opposite of the generalized talibanization. Will the Islamists obtain control to become a country with nuclear arms in the future?

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Italy: democracy and secret

The grey area between legality and illegality

By Piero Ignazi (for Safe Democracy)

The difficult and troublesome relationship between politics and intelligence in Italy. The ruthless use of the police, the Army and intelligence agencies against domestic and foreign components. Politicians interpreting the government at will. Where should the line be drawn between legality and illegality?


How to avoid home-grown Islamic extremism

Britain’s counter-terrorism policy and its Muslim citizens integration (Part I)

Posted by , 12th July 2007

British Muslims have been cast into the spotlight with the recent terrorist attacks in Britain. It is clear that engaging with them will play an important role in the preventing Islamic extremists.


Al Qaeda’s shade in Lebanon

The attack on Spanish troops, a terrorist debut of Fatah al Islam

Posted by , 10th July 2007

Although the terrorist group Fatah Al Islam (Sunni) is in a consolidation stage, they still are far from replacing the Al Qaeda mark in Lebanon: this situation should be taken advantage of in order to neutralize their Yihadista’s aspirations before it is too late.


Gaza Coup D’état (Part II)

Who will do what in the Middle East now?

By Walid Salem (for Safe Democracy)

What motivations made Hamas commit this Coup d’etat now? For what reasons was it so easy for them to take control of the security forces? What should each of the state holders do directly or indirectly within the conflict? In the following you have the responses.

PLUS: Gaza Coup D’etat (Part I), by Walid Salem