The conflict in Afghanistan: Obama’s dangerous war

How to avoid making the mistake the Soviet Union did

Posted by Juan Antonio Sacaluga, 5th March 2009

talibanfighters.jpgUnderstand why the war in Afghanistan could turn into an authentic nightmare for Barack Obama, unless he gets commitments from regional powers like Iran, Pakistan and India, aside from Russia, China and the EU.


The Gaza war: a time of crisis and opportunity

Only a global public movement can lead to peace and justice in Palestine

Posted by Sohail Mahmood, 11th February 2009

campamentogaza.JPGAlthough an outrage against the Israeli offensive in Gaza was sweeping the globe, fear of the Jewish State and its dependable American ally has kept the international community from laying down the law. In the author’s view, the world lacks strong political leaders capable of rising to the occasion.


The “carrot and stick” policy in Afghanistan

What Barack Obama’s new strategy for the Pashtun country consists of

Posted by Alberto Priego, 5th February 2009

afganistanrpiegonueva.jpgA policy of pressure on the Afghan government, combined with the outstretched hand that the appointment of Richard Holbrooke constitutes: this is the strategy that the new American administration is hoping to implement in order to stabilize Afghanistan, a country that could not be conquered by neither the Greeks, the British nor the Russians, and whose instability threatens to spread throughout the region.


The solution to the problem in Gaza involves the United Nations

Concrete proposals in order to make progress in the demilitarization of the Strip

Posted by George Chaya, 5th February 2009

bankimoon2.jpgThe United Nations Security Council should meet at once to declare Gaza an emergency zone under the umbrella of the United Nations in accordance with Chapter VII, and immediately send a multinational peacekeeping force to the Strip in coordination with Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.


The UK Government’s anti-terror proposal defeated in the House of Lords

A triumph for human rights, civil liberties and checks and balances

Posted by Steven Binney, 5th February 2009

police.jpgFind out why the House of Lords did the right thing in defeating a bill that would have allowed for the detention of suspects for up to 42 days without being formally charged with an offence.

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Obama and the “non-American” world order

Redefining the role of “the leader of the free world”

Posted by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, 29th January 2009

obamareunido.jpgWhile Obama has raised many hopes and achieved a rhetorical break with the totalitarian language of the Bush administration, his choice of advisers indicates regression rather than progression. Yet if his promise turns out to be meretricious, the world’s rocky relationship with the United States will deteriorate even further.


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How to take advantage of the ceasefire in Gaza

Lessons from the latest violent episode between Israel and Hamas

Posted by Jana Beris, 29th January 2009


The author says that Israel now has to lead a massive humanitarian aid effort directed at the Gazan population, and make sure that Hamas does not continue with is weapons contraband effort. Israel must send a message of normalcy to the Palestinian population.

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No end in sight to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The important concessions that an impetuous Israel is still unwilling to make

Posted by Dan Bavly, 28th January 2009

pal-and-jew.jpgIn 1968, Israel was warned that if it were to lose its self-control and ability to keep its position in the tumultuous Middle East would weaken significantly. In 2008 and on into 2009, it waged a devastating three-week long war against an enemy interspersed within a civilian population. Discover how Israel has gradually turned into a quick-tempered military machine, and what the concessions that the country must make in order to achieve true peace are.

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There is no room for a low intensity conflict in Gaza

The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma is not a military one

Posted by Mario Sznajder, 28th January 2009

idf22.jpgWill the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continue to exist as a low intensity conflict with sporadic, very violent outbursts like the current Israeli military intervention in Gaza? The answer is no.