Everybody wins with Corporate Responsibility

By Bernardo Kliksberg (for Safe Democracy)

Bernardo Kliksberg analyzes the role that businesses play in society, pointing out that corporate responsibility not only produces benefits for the companies and institutions, but also for society as a whole. Kliksberg explains why corporate responsibility is taking on an ever more important and urgent role in developing countries, and why it is essential –in a world of increasing inequality, with over 3 billion poor– to ensure that businesses take on an active role in solving society’s problems. With corporate responsibility, everyone wins.


A Message for Billionaires

Por Bernando Kliksberg (para Safe Democracy)

Bernardo Kliksberg comments on the recent mega-donation of guru of finance Warren Buffet of over 85 per cent of his fortune to humanitarian causes, and of Bill Gates‘ decision to leave his company and dedicate himself fulltime to his foundation. Kliksberg believes that it is no coincidence that the most successful businessmen of our time are fighting to uphold corporate responsibility. These leaders are giving a message for all businessmen to be conscientious of their place in the world, and of the impact that their actions have upon others. And while Buffet and Gates cannot change the world with one decision, they can begin to make a difference in the lives of many people.


The More Ethics (in business), The More Progress

By Bernardo Kliksberg (for Safe Democracy)

Bernardo Kliksberg analyzes the importance of corporate responsibility and how ethical conduct in businesses and corporations allows everyone to win: both the society, and the businesses themselves. Kliksberg points out which countries are the most advanced in corporate responsibility, discusses how companies are competing to lead the fight for ethical business, and explains why, thanks to growing social pressure from investors and consumers, corporate responsibility has won the battle of ideas in today’s world of globalization. Far from being a passing fad, social responsibility appears to be here to stay.

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