A breath of fresh air for relations between the U.S. and Latin America?

What Obama, Clinton, and McCain say and think about the region

Posted by , 17th April 2008


All indications are that, beginning in November, the scale of diplomatic relations between the United States and Latin America will increase. Although each has a different point of view, the three presidential candidates agree that Washington should pay more attention to Latin-American countries if it wants to influence the region.

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An Electoral Passions Reunion

The positive (and less recognized) aspect of confrontational tension

Posted by , 13th March 2008

urna.jpgRegarding the several approaching appointments with the ballot boxes (Spain, Italy, the United States, and municipalities in France), the author analyzes the democratic components common to the several campaigns. Using the American model and the current political involvement of its citizenry, he reminds the readers that a party system is far from being a summation of apparatuses; rather, the system responds to a dynamic in which each strong force talks to, competes with, and confronts the other.


Environmental lobbies in the United States

Climate change finds its way into the electoral debate

Posted by , 21st February 2008

lobbiesusados.jpgFinally, climate change is at the forefront of the race to the White House in the United States. Among both conservatives and democrats, consensus and awareness that global warming is an issue that must be urgently tackled is growing. Due to this, environmental lobbyists are winning the battle against ecological organizations.


Barack versus “Billary”

Why it is Obamas´s Time

Posted by , 30th January 2008

hillarybarak.jpgWith Super Tuesday just around the corner, the author addresses the heated battle for the Democratic presidential primaries and the appropriateness of Bill Clinton’s role in advocating for his wife’s candidacy. The Bill and Hillary tag team, now popularly referred to as Billary, has been blatantly divisive, created unprecedented tensions within the party, and may potentially rally Republicans to a November victory. These aforementioned factors along with Obama’s positive message of change and hope have earned Obama the endorsement of Edward Kennedy and other senior Democrats.


Hillary, the woman of the moment

When the American democracy regains its fire

Posted by , 30th January 2008

hillaryclinton.jpgThe primary elections have managed to put the fire back into political debate in the United States, in the presence of the still uncertain presidential result. The most complex issue remains unresolved: for the world’s superpower to confront the difficult global strategic situation, which is full of uncertainties. Will Hillary Clinton be the one in charge of leading this global change?